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"Successful Marriages Still Possible Despite 100% Increases In Divorce Cases"

7 months ago
Sat, 25 Feb 2023 15:23:17 GMT
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"Successful Marriages Still Possible Despite 100% Increases In Divorce Cases"

Renowned marriage counsellor Dr. Herbert Ndlovu says happy and successful marriages are still possible in Zimbabwe despite the 100 percent increase in divorce cases recorded in 2022.

According to statistics released by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), in 2020, 1 117 couples filed for divorce and the figure went up to 1 351 in 2021.

In 2022, the figure doubled to 2 735 cases against 13 436 recorded marriages.

Commenting on the rise in divorce cases last year, Ndlovu told the Chronicle that couples need to respect and accept each other and also pray to God to have a successful marriage. He said:

In my 27-year marriage, I have learned that acceptance plays a major role. We should stop trying to remodel our partners as that often causes strife in marriage.

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Couples who also have high expectations of each other suffer disappointment since we are all humans hence the need for us to be tolerant and strive to bring the best.

Christians are chief culprits in this as they like imposing their convictions on others, successful marriages need both partners to accept differences and live in harmony.

We need to pray together and connect spiritually from day one so that when troubles emerge, we can draw inspiration from the Creator of marriages.

Couples should never relax even for a day and think that because they are married, it will stay like that.

Marriage is hard work, nothing comes automatically hence we must do everything and put a lot of effort to keep marriages thriving and happy.

Ndlovu said married should also avoid infidelity at all costs and never discuss their partners with any third party even parents, pastors, family or friends. He said:

I urge spouses to be loyal to each other, be honest and easily communicate everything.

Do not discuss your partner’s faults or any disagreements with anyone.

Loyalty means sticking with each other even in bad times.

Even when our spouses are at fault we should never discuss them with any third party even parents, pastors, family or friends.



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