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Chinese Investments Do Not Benefit Ordinary Zimbabweans - US Diplomat

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Chinese Investments Do Not Benefit Ordinary Zimbabweans - US Diplomat

United States of America Ambassador-Designate to Zimbabwe, Pamela Tremont, says Zimbabweans are aware that Chinese investment in the country does not benefit ordinary people but benefits those in power.

Tremont made the remarks while responding to questions from US senators about how America can better counter Chinese influence in Africa and growing investment during the nomination hearings on 1 March.

She claimed the US$4.5 billion investments by the United States directly benefited Zimbabweans while Chinese investments, such as the Parliament building do not necessarily benefit the Zimbabwean people. CITE quoted Tremont as saying:

Yes, Zimbabwe and China have a long-standing relationship that goes all the way back to Zimbabwe’s war of independence.

I think the difference between Chinese investments in Zimbabwe and perhaps other places in Africa, is the US investments of US$4.5 billion that we have invested in Zimbabwean people, have been for the people.

700 000 Zimbabweans benefited from our food security and agricultural programme last year.

It is tremendously important in light of the food shortages brought on by Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine whereas the Chinese investments are much more for the government of Zimbabwe.

She was responding to Senator John Barrasso’s observation that in 2022, President Emmerson Mnangagwa commended Zimbabwe’s “excellent relations” with China.

The Chinese built Zimbabwe’s new Parliament building in Mount Hampden at a cost of US$200 million “for free”.

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