President Mnangagwa Promises Hole-drilling Machines To Pfumvudza Farmers

1 year agoThu, 23 Mar 2023 10:30:16 GMT
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President Mnangagwa Promises Hole-drilling Machines To Pfumvudza Farmers

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised fuel-powered hole-drilling machines to small-scale farmers to boost the Pfumvudza model.

He made the pledge during a field day held at his Precabe Farm in Sherwood, Kwekwe last Saturday. New Ziana quotes him as saying:

We give you free inputs under the Pfumvudza model. We have just discovered now, instead of digging holes, the Minister of Agriculture says there is an instrument which digs holes for you.

In a year or two, we should be distributing these, so that instead of you digging you just walk, press a button, and the hole is dug. This is science and technology.

We will uplift the ordinary household at that level from poverty to prosperity. They must have enough food and surplus.

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Pfumvudza Concept:

Pfumvudza is an agricultural technique that was introduced by the Zimbabwean government to promote food security and reduce poverty.

The technique involves the use of small plots of land and emphasizes the importance of crop management and conservation agriculture.

Farmers are taught to use improved seed varieties, proper land preparation, correct plant spacing, and crop rotation to increase crop productivity.

The technique also emphasizes the use of organic fertilizers, mulching, and weeding to enhance soil fertility and reduce the use of chemicals.

Authorities have credited Pfumvudza with increasing crop yields and improving food security for smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe.

Critics, however, cite the use of hoes and other less sophisticated equipment saying the government was “taking the nation back to the stone age era.”

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