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Beitbridge Border Post Agencies Say They're Ready To Handle Traffic During Easter

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Beitbridge Border Post Agencies Say They're Ready To Handle Traffic During Easter

Border agencies at the Beitbridge Border Post Wednesday said they were ready to handle increased traffic during the Easter Holidays that run from April 7 and April 11.

During holidays, there is usually a lot of traffic at the Beitbridge border due to many people travelling between South Africa and Zimbabwe. This can cause long queues and delays, so it’s important to plan ahead and make sure travel documents are in order.

Authorities say the number of travellers has been averaging 8 000 off-peak and 20 000 at peak since COVID-19 travel restrictions were lifted last year.

Zimborders Consortium chief executive officer, Mr Francois Diedrechsen, said they will use the same systems as those they carried out in December. The Herald quotes him as saying:

We are ready to enhance a seamless flow of traffic through the port of entry again,” he said.

Basically, we will be running the same programmes we used in December last year and these were effective.

You will note that traffic has been separated and there are now more service points at the border, so we don’t anticipate any challenges.

He said traffic flow was normal at the moment and they there busy putting the final touches post-construction of all three terminals – for freight, buses and private vehicles and pedestrians.

The freight terminal was completed under Phase One in October 2021, the bus terminal in June last year and the private cars terminal in November last year.

The regional immigration officer in charge of Beitbridge, Mr Joshua Chibundu, said they have adequate manpower to clear traffic at all three terminals at the border during the Easter holidays.

Joshua Chibundu’s advice to travellers:

He warned travellers against the use of third parties to carry out processes with border agencies saying that arrangement can be costly; we don’t have agents.

People should be cleared physically to avoid inconveniences.

He added that their compliance and enforcement team would be working with other security agents at the border to minimise and combat rent-seeking activities and irregular migration at the border.

The upgrade and modernisation of the Beitbridge Border Post automated most services to minimise the human interface between travellers and border agencies.

Previously, human interface and limited infrastructure were seen as the main causes of long delays during peak periods at the border.

Clearance at the border:

Beitbridge is a border town located in the southern part of Zimbabwe, near the South African border.

To pass through the Beitbridge border, travellers will need:

1). a valid passport,

2). possibly a visa,

3). vehicle documents if driving,

4). a health certificate if required,

5). cash or credit card, and

6). to declare any items they are bringing into the country.

COVID-19 Guide:

i).  Fully vaccinated travellers need to present proof of vaccination on entry to Zimbabwe and on exit. No PCR test is required. “Fully vaccinated” means complete doses of a vaccine, i.e., two doses of a two-dose regiment or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

ii). Partially vaccinated travellers will need to follow the same rules as unvaccinated travellers (as below).

iii). All partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers are required to present a negative PCR COVID-19 Clearance Certificate obtained within 48 hours of boarding.

iv). On departure, a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours is required.

v). Travellers under 12 years old are exempt from vaccination and PCR test requirements.

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