You Need Fire Hydrants For Firefighting In Emergencies

4 months ago
Wed, 10 May 2023 15:55:33 GMT
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You Need Fire Hydrants For Firefighting In Emergencies

Fire hydrants are crucial for any community as they provide a readily available and reliable source of water for firefighting in case of an emergency. A fire hydrant is a connection point to access water for firefighting.

Zimbabwe, like any other country, needs to prioritise the installation of fire hydrants on all premises to prevent and control fire outbreaks.


This article comes after reports that the Zimbabwe Fire Brigade responded quickly to a fire at Nash Furnishers Headquarters in Harare on Wednesday night “and worked tirelessly to extinguish the fire,” but failed to extinguish the fire.

Some members of the public who commented on the case expressed shock that the Fire Brigade had responded swiftly. One important issue that came out is that of fire hydrants which many property owners are not installing.

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Process of Installing Fire Hydrants:

To install a fire hydrant, one must follow the set regulations and guidelines from the local authority. The first step is to engage the local authority to obtain the necessary permits and approvals. After approval, a licensed plumber can install the fire hydrant system, which includes the piping, valves, and hydrant itself. It is essential to ensure that the fire hydrant is easily accessible and visible to the fire brigade in case of an emergency.

Consequences of not Installing Fire Hydrants:

In the event of a fire outbreak, water supply may be limited, and fire trucks may not reach the premises in time. This can lead to a catastrophic loss of property and lives. In Zimbabwe, there have been several cases of fire outbreaks that could have been prevented or controlled if fire hydrants were installed. Apart from pressure and ladders, the Fire Brigade usually brings other firefighting equipment such as hoses, nozzles, pumps, axes, breathing apparatus, and protective gear. Hoping to find water at the scene.

There are several ways besides fire hydrants that can help in times of fire outbreaks, including:

  1. Smoke detectors: These can alert occupants of a building to a fire outbreak and give them time to evacuate.

  2. Fire extinguishers: These can be used to put out small fires before they become too big to handle.

  3. Sprinkler systems: These can activate automatically in the event of a fire outbreak and help to control or extinguish the fire.

  4. Accessible exits: Buildings should have clear and accessible exits that occupants can use to evacuate quickly and safely.

  5. Emergency plans: Buildings should have well-defined and regularly practised emergency plans that occupants can follow in case of a fire outbreak.

  6. Fire-resistant materials: Buildings can be constructed with fire-resistant materials such as concrete, brick, and steel, which can help to slow down the spread of fires.

  7. Education and training: Education and training can help occupants to be aware of fire safety measures and know what to do in case of a fire outbreak.

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