"Tsvangirai Asked Mugabe What To Do With Chamisa, Biti"

6 months agoSun, 21 May 2023 15:22:55 GMT
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"Tsvangirai Asked Mugabe What To Do With Chamisa, Biti"

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba has claimed that the late former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was irked by Nelson Chamisa in 2009 and had to ask then president, Robert Mugabe to give him a ministerial portfolio to pacify him.

Charamba made the claim on Twitter while responding to Chamisa’s post outlining his “achievements” during the Government of National Unity (GNU) era.

Chamisa, who now leads CCC, said he introduced the Zimbabwe ICT policy framework, made ICT products cheaper and affordable, and removed duty on ICT products among other achievements.

He was responding to one Nzekete AG who had asked what he (Chamisa) achieved when he was ICT Minister during the GNU era.

However, Charamba said Chamisa did not achieve anything but the ICT policy framework he alluded to was introduced by Mugabe.

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Charamba also claimed that Chamisa and the current CCC vice president were troublesome to Tsvangirai who then asked Mugabe to appoint them to the Cabinet to get them off his back. Wrote Charamba:


Late President RG Mugabe started a campaign to computerise schools and colleges long before Chamisa was known.

The late President would save from his Travel and Subsistence allocation to build a fund for buying computers.

Lawrence Kamwi, then his Principal Private Secretary, minded that Fund, with Wonder Nyamurima who is still in Government, handling the distribution programme in schools.

Our first donation was at a high school very close to Kadhani in Mondoro. All this was well before GNU, which is when Chamisa appears, even then as a Mugabe appointee.

Then came GNU; late Tsvangirai pleaded with President Mugabe kuti kamukomana aka kanondinetsa (this young boy is a nuisance) if you don’t give him a bone.

He said the same naTendai Biti, who was his other headache. VaMugabe heard Tsvangirai and then asked: saka tokaisepi? (what portfolio should we give him) Tsvangirai: chero kwamada kusina basa (give him even a useless portfolio).

VaMugabe then said: Computers and ICT are generation-specific in that they are needed by our youths; I will put him there so he plays champion among his age-mates.

That’s how Chamisa was appointed, even though he had no clue. The programme had long taken off. VaMugabe had another reason: strangely, during negotiations, our side had ceded Information and Publicity to MDC-T.

I and Jonathan Moyo raised hell and ended up engaging the President for this ill-thought decision. MaChinja were not amused.

President Mugabe then created ICT ministry whose mandate was drafted by Madame Nhekairo.

It was another disaster as several corporates, including telecommunications, were ceded to ICT.

Again, we went back to complain, unsuccessfully this time! The late President reasoned that we did not need to fear as Ministry control of telecommunications companies would be minimal given the presence of POTRAZ as the regulator.

The late President engaged Hewlett Packard, which has just been taken over by the Chinese as LENOVO.

Computers were already flowing in. Prices for SIM cards fell because of competition hotting up in telecomms industry, and in line with global trends.

Chamisa did absolutely nothing besides presiding over the inevitable!!!!!!

… Kakagara kachitemesa Tsvangirai musoro; iko naBiti. At some point Tsvangirai wanted Biti fired.

Biti was saved by vaMugabe who by then knew Biti was preparing to break away. Tsvangirai aida kutsvaira Biti kuSpecial Congress yakaitwa Bhuruwayo.

Biti mounted a well-funded, donor-driven counter (Americans poured money kwete mbijana) and neutralised Tsvangirai.

Biti would later confide this to President Mugabe in Cape Town where both attended WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM!!!! Tinenge takanyarara not because we do not know!!!!

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