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Retired Brigadier General's Wife Charged With Murder Of Suspected Thief

4 months ago
Mon, 22 May 2023 09:23:39 GMT
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Retired Brigadier General's Wife Charged With Murder Of Suspected Thief

Gloria Mukorera, the wife of retired Brigadier General Urayayi Morgan Munava, has been charged with murder after allegedly beating a suspected goat thief to death.

She appeared in Concession magistrates court and was remanded in custody until June 9.

According to the state’s case, on May 18, Lameck Maturo, a former employee of Brig Munava, and his accomplices broke into his pen to steal goats. Munava’s guards caught Maturo while his accomplices fled in a Honda Fit.

Maturo was taken to Munava’s homestead, where Gloria allegedly assaulted him with a fan belt and soaked him in water, causing his death. Brig Munava filed a police report, leading to his wife’s arrest.

She is currently admitted to Concession Hospital with high blood pressure.

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Taking The Law Into One’s Hands

The Zimbabwe Republic Police consistently cautions against taking the law into one’s own hands. Vigilantism and violence are illegal and unacceptable in Zimbabwe, and individuals must respect the rule of law.

Taking the law into one’s own hands can have serious negative consequences for both individuals and society as a whole. Firstly, it undermines the rule of law and the justice system, which are essential for maintaining social order and protecting citizens’ rights. When individuals take justice into their own hands, it can lead to a cycle of revenge and retaliation, resulting in more violence and chaos.

Secondly, vigilantism and violence can cause harm or even death to innocent people, who may be wrongly accused or caught in the crossfire. This can lead to a breakdown of trust and social cohesion, as people become fearful and suspicious of one another.

Thirdly, taking the law into one’s own hands can create an environment of impunity, where individuals feel justified in breaking the law and disregarding the rights of others. This can lead to a culture of lawlessness and an erosion of democratic values and principles.

Overall, the effects of taking the law into one’s own hands are detrimental to society and can have long-lasting consequences. It is essential to promote respect for the rule of law and encourage individuals to pursue justice through legal means.

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