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Six Card Cloners Appear In Court For Unauthorised Card Possession

4 months ago
Tue, 23 May 2023 05:13:59 GMT
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Six Card Cloners Appear In Court For Unauthorised Card Possession

Six individuals suspected of card cloning were brought before Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje on charges of unauthorised use and possession of credit or debit cards.

The suspects, identified as Fungal Samurewo, Frank Chikoto, Clever Manhombo, Pardon Muwungani, Takudzwa Chikowora, and Tererai Chakanyuka, were arrested while in possession of instruments used in the commission of the crime. The accused were remanded in custody until the following day for a bail application.

What Happened:

It is alleged that detectives from CID Homicide received information on May 19, 2023, that the six accused were arrested at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in possession of a suspected firearm. The detectives proceeded to the airport where they discovered that the alleged firearm was, in fact, an air gun with an empty magazine. The accused persons were searched, and detectives found two surgical blades, seven bank cards, super glue, and a cigarette lighter, items used in the commission of fraud cases, in their possession.

Samurewo was allegedly found in possession of an FNB visa card number 5578 9650 6333 8519 with a tampered chip, a one-money debit card, and a tampered-with FBC debit card 5049 9290 0030 1616 bearing the name Talent Kisimusi.

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Manhombo was allegedly found in possession of a Steward bank card, a tampered-with FBC card 6017 0490 0091 8099 bearing the name Wenyika Micheal.

Muwungani was allegedly found in possession of two surgical blades, one used super glue and tampered with FBC debit card 6017 0490 0063 3375 bearing the name Mukunguma Courage, as well as a tampered-with CABS debit card 5888 9250 4065 6526 bearing the name Kuuzabuwe G.

The State alleges that the accused failed to provide a reasonable explanation for being in possession of the aforementioned items. None of the accused were owners of the debit cards or authorized to be in possession of them. The suspects were interviewed, and their explanations were deemed unsatisfactory.

Card Cloning:

Card cloning is a type of credit or debit card fraud where criminals create duplicate card by stealing the information contained on the original card. The process of card cloning involves using a skimming device to collect the card’s data, including the magnetic stripe and chip, and then transferring that data to a blank card. The criminal can then use the cloned card to withdraw cash or make purchases, often in another location.

To avoid card cloning, individuals should be vigilant when using their cards and take steps to protect their personal information. This includes covering the keypad when entering a PIN, checking for any signs of tampering on card readers or ATMs, and regularly monitoring card statements for any unauthorized transactions. Additionally, individuals should avoid sharing their card information with anyone and immediately report any suspicious activity to their bank or credit card issuer.

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