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Former SABC Broadcaster Chris Maroleng Urges Zimbabweans To “Rise Against Tyranny”

1 month ago
Fri, 18 Aug 2023 18:08:34 GMT
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Former SABC Broadcaster Chris Maroleng Urges Zimbabweans To “Rise Against Tyranny”

Former SABC broadcaster Chris Maroleng has urged Zimbabweans to “rise against tyranny” after being deported from the country where he intended to conduct field research on election conditions.

Maroleng, who is now the SADC Executive Director of Good Governance Africa, had flown to Zimbabwe to conduct field research on election conditions but was denied accreditation and subsequently deported. He took to social media to criticise the government’s actions, describing them as a reflection of bad governance and urging the people of Zimbabwe to demand the change they deserve.

Maroleng expressed his belief that the government employed bullying tactics to stifle dissent and silence opposing voices. He called on citizens to challenge oppressive systems and defend their democratic rights. He said:

Today, I am compelled to write with an anger that burns deep within my soul.

The recent events that unfolded in Zimbabwe, leading to my abrupt deportation, are not just a reflection of bad governance, but a stark indication of the lengths to which the government will go.

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This is a call for the people of Zimbabwe to rise up against tyranny and demand the change they so desperately deserve.

Our purpose in Zimbabwe was noble and clear – to conduct vital field research on election conditions and challenges. We followed all the necessary protocols.

But what awaited us was a shocking and horrifying ordeal. It served as a brutal reminder of the bullying tactics employed by the Zanu PF-led government, as they seek to stifle dissent and silence any voices that dare to challenge their autocratic rule.

This is not an isolated incident; it is a clear indication of the extent to which the government will go to suppress the truth and maintain their grip on power.

We cannot afford to be silent in the face of such tyranny.

This incident is a wake-up call for all Zimbabweans to rise up against the oppressive forces that seek to undermine their democratic rights and aspirations.

We must channel our anger into action, demanding accountability.

In response, government spokesperson Nick Mangwana stated that foreign journalists who misrepresent their purpose of visit would be deported, emphasizing the need for transparency and accuracy in reporting. He said:

We note a lot of interest in visiting our country and stay between the 18th-25th of August 2023.

If you are an Election Observer, say so, we accredit such. If you are a journalist, say so, we accredit such.

If you make misrepresentations to the immigration officer, you may find yourself on the next plane home.

In July, David Hundeyin, an award-winning Nigerian journalist, was detained for over 10 hours at Harare Airport in Zimbabwe before being deported from the country. Hundeyin had arrived in Zimbabwe from Ghana, where he had sought asylum for political persecution in his country. He was denied entry due to improper documentation, despite using the travel document of a country with a visa-free relationship. 

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