Mnangagwa Pledges Economic Growth And Prosperity For Zimbabwe In Last Election Campaign

3 months agoSun, 20 Aug 2023 11:23:00 GMT
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Mnangagwa Pledges Economic Growth And Prosperity For Zimbabwe In Last Election Campaign

President Emmerson Mnangagwa concluded his election campaign with a promise of economic growth and a prosperous future for Zimbabwe. Seeking a second term as president, Mnangagwa expressed confidence in victory during a rally in Shurugwi, Midlands Province.

He highlighted achievements such as food security, mechanized agricultural programs, and rural industries, emphasizing his commitment to building the country and leaving no one behind. He told a cheering crowd:

ZANU PF is ready and well-prepared for August 23. ZANU PF is unstoppable, victory is certain.

For the first time in our motherland, we are food secure. We have introduced mechanised agricultural programmes for our people, we are also setting up rural industries in every province. We continue to build our country.

The ruling party, ZANU PF, aimed to attract young voters by offering economic opportunities in sectors like agriculture and mining. Supporters, particularly the youth, expressed optimism in the ruling party’s ability to provide jobs and land ownership. According to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), 6.6 million people have registered to vote, with at least 43% of them being classified as youth. Three-quarters of Zimbabwe’s population is under 34, and the majority of attendees at Zanu-PF rallies also fall within this age group.

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Despite the economic decline and unemployment, supporters of the ruling party believe in a brighter future under ZANU PF’s leadership. Jordan Zvitongi, a 24-year-old supporter of the ruling party, told TimesLIVE that ZANU PF is the future. Zvitongi said:

l believe what the president is saying, he wants the youth to be successful. Of course life is difficult right now, but Zanu-PF is providing projects and opportunities for young people. I believe in the ruling party. As youth we want jobs, we want to own land and l believe the ruling party will provide those things. This is why I attend the rallies.

Mary Sakirai, a 32-year-old woman wearing a T-shirt and cap featuring Mnangagwa’s image, expressed her happiness to TimesLIVE. Said Sakirai:

I love ZANU PF and l am not ashamed of it. Because of the ruling party I managed to get a residential stand, something l am proud of. I have a roof over my head and my children. We hope the ruling party can do more for the people — provide jobs, give land to everyone — but right now l am very happy. I didn’t think l could ever own land in my lifetime.

As part of its election campaign, Zanu-PF launched Homeseekers for Economic Development (Homeseekers4ED) to provide residential stands to those on housing waiting lists. Earlier this year, Mnangagwa distributed land ownership title deeds to people in peri-urban settlements that were once considered illegal. Critics viewed this as an attempt to attract peri-urban voters. Mnangagwa expressed gratitude to his supporters on social media and encouraged them to continue their energy, unity, and commitment to peace and development as they move towards the upcoming election, shaping a brighter future together.

As election day nears, the main contenders are President Mnangagwa and opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). They previously competed in the controversial 2018 presidential election, in which Chamisa narrowly lost.

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