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WATCH: Bused ZANU PF Supporters Stranded In Shurugwi After Attending Mnangagwa's Rally

1 month ago
Sun, 20 Aug 2023 16:59:29 GMT
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WATCH: Bused ZANU PF Supporters Stranded In Shurugwi After Attending Mnangagwa's Rally

Some ZANU PF supporters found themselves stranded in Shurugwi after attending a rally addressed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The Feed ZW interviewed some of the stranded individuals, who revealed that they had been bused from distant areas like Mberengwa and Silobela to attend the rally. Unfortunately, they were unable to locate the buses that had brought them there. The situation left them stranded and unsure of how to return home. Watch the video below for more.

While the said places are all within Midlands Province, the incident sheds light on a long-standing accusation against ZANU PF, which involves busing supporters from one province to another to create the impression of a strong and widespread following. This practice is a common strategy utilised by political parties to showcase their popularity and generate momentum for their campaigns.

Critics argue that such tactics make vote manipulation easier, as the large crowds at rallies can be used to convince observers and the international community that the ruling party’s altered figures accurately represent the true state of affairs.

While the opposition has also been accused of busing supporters, the magnitude at which ZANU PF allegedly engages in this practice is seen as excessive. Similar accusations have been made against the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), suggesting that this strategy is not limited to a single party.

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The practice is common to the extent that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) wrote instructing the CCC to refrain from busing people to a rally that was held last month in Masvingo.

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