CCC Highlights 2023 As A Journey Of Defiance, Unity, And Hope

6 months agoFri, 29 Dec 2023 05:03:23 GMT
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CCC Highlights 2023 As A Journey Of Defiance, Unity, And Hope

The main opposition party in Zimbabwe, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has released a summary of the year 2023, highlighting it as a Journey of Defiance, Unity, and Hope. The party said its leader, Nelson Chamisa, travelled extensively, inspiring people with his determination. In a statement seen by Pindula News, the party said citizens united for change, creating a movement that transcended boundaries and aimed for a better Zimbabwe.

The party claims that it embraced citizen-driven leadership, empowering local voices. It also claims that it achieved victories in local councils and demonstrated resilience despite challenges. The party expressed gratitude to the diaspora community and received global acknowledgement of injustice. They aim to address Zimbabwe’s legitimacy crisis in 2024 as they continue their journey towards a “New Great Zimbabwe”, fueled by hope and reflecting the dreams of its people. We present the statement below:

Celebrating 2023: A Journey of Defiance, Unity, and Hope

1) President Nelson Chamisa’s Remarkable Journey: From road to road, village to village, and corner to corner, President @nelsonchamisa’s journey spanned over 10,000km, stirring the spirits of the people with his unwavering resolve. Through more than 100 meetings and rallies, his tireless efforts galvanized a movement that defied odds and stood undeterred in the face of adversity.

2) People-Powered Movement: United in purpose, change champions across the nation amplified the call for a New Great Zimbabwe, igniting a groundswell of support that transcended boundaries and embraced the collective dreams of the masses. This groundswell reshaped the narrative, advocating for a Zimbabwe that uplifts all, not just a select few.

3) Citizen-Centric Leadership: Embracing an inclusive approach, a new era of citizen-driven candidate selection took root, empowering the voices of the local people. Together, we ushered in a wave of young, fresh, citizen-focused leaders, standing tall against the regime’s entrenched elite.

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4) People’s Triumph: Overcoming formidable hurdles, we clinched the majority of local councils, emerging victorious in an astounding 33 out of 34 urban local authorities. Moreover, the citizenry’s unwavering strength signaled an indomitable force, especially demonstrated by standing and waiting in queues to cast votes for change—a testament to the people’s ownership of this movement.

5) Resilience Against Adversity: Despite daunting challenges, our resolute spirit thwarted attempts to secure a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly. Triumphs in remote areas like Zvimba East and Seke stood as beacons of hope in our crusade for an equitable Zimbabwe.

6) Unveiling Truth: The integrity of our election coalition, bolstered by collaborative efforts, exposed the facade of counterfeit results and uncovered the true voice of the people. The failure to disclose authentic results, depicting President Chamisa’s lead, laid bare the deceit.

7) Gratitude to the Global Family: We extend our deepest gratitude to the steadfast diaspora community, an unwavering pillar of support and solidarity in our pursuit of a brighter Zimbabwe. We understand your desire to return home, and we strive to create changed circumstances around human rights, economic development, and equal opportunities for all.

8) Global Acknowledgment of Injustice: With unanimous condemnation, international observers unequivocally declared the illegitimacy of the ZEC announcement, setting the stage for urgent redress.

9) In 2024, under the leadership of President @nelsonchamisa, we stand poised to address Zimbabwe’s legitimacy crisis in alignment with the Citizens National Assembly discussions.

10) Together, in 2023, we etched the mark of defiance, unity, and triumph. Our odyssey to a luminous destiny continues. Let us fuel the flames of hope, relentlessly striving toward a New Great Zimbabwe led by President @nelsonchamisa
that authentically reflects the dreams of its people.

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