2BG was among the pioneers of Urban Grooves genre in Zimbabwe and shot to fame with songs like Nguva Yareba, Dhiya, Chiedza and Ndoda Kuvanewe. During the 75% local content policy period on local radio, the group amassed immense popularity.


The group was formed in Harare in 2001 at Prince Tendai’s High Density Studios in Hillside but recorded its debut eight-track album, Searching for Love at That Squad Studio (Chamhembe). Some of the group’s tracks were included on the compilation albums Chigutiro 1 and 2 while a 17-track album, Ndoda Kuva Newe, followed in 2004.[1]

The group’s name was coined from its composition — “2B” for two boys (Bloodshaw “Blush” Chikosi and Kelvin Ashley Mavhunga) and “G” for a girl Rutendo Muchirahondo. Diana Samkange became a member when the girl in the group, Rutendo Muchirahondo was injured in an accident. They once regrouped in 2011 and worked on a single titled Wakudza Rudo after two male members of the group had left the country for greener pastures at the height of the economic meltdown in the country in 2008. Blush has been living in South Africa while Mavhunga had relocated to Malawi.[2]


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