Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe

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AFM in Zimbabwe
Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe

Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM) is one of the largest Pentecostal denominations or churches in Zimbabwe. It has a following of more than 2 million people from various parts of the country. The church believes in the Holy Spirit and it treats Sunday as a special day of worship.

Contact Details

Address: 69 Central Avenue, ( Between 6th/7th Street ), Harare.
Telephone: +263 4 2912 555.
Email: info@afminzimbabwe.com.
Alternate Email: afminzimbabwe@gmail.com.


It is believed that the initiative to form AFM in Zimbabwe began in 1915 in Gwanda. Zacharias Manamela is argued to have migrated from South Africa with the aim of setting the AFM church in Zimbabwe after the church had successfully gained ground in South Africa.[1] It was then that G. J Booysen who was also based in South Africa was appointed to complement the work of Manamela by seeing to it that the church was registered and recognised by the officials.[1] However this was a daunting task which was marred with delays. It was only in 1918 when the church was now being recognised and it officially bought a farm in Gatooma (present-day Kadoma) under the leadership of Luttig.[1] From Kadoma, the church began to expand resulting in the massive and impressive acceptance of the denomination countrywide.

The Executive Board

The denomination is led by a 'democratically' elected president who will be aided by a 'democratically' elected council comprising of members from all the provinces of the denominations in the country. In 2011 they were about twenty-six provinces but this number is susceptible to change as it is always affected by the growth of the church.

The executive board rarely changes and it only does so when a member of the board dies. The president of the church since 2003 has been Aspher Madziyire, who is based in Bulawayo.[1] His wife Josephine is the leader of the ladies department.

Second in command is Reverend Titus I. Murefu who has been the leader of the Harare North Province and has been deputised by Reverend Arthur Nhamburo.[1] The General Secretary of the church since 2011 has been Reverend Amon Madawo who has also been the leader of the Chitungwiza East Province and Elder M. Shumba has been the church administrator since 2011.[1]

Departments of the Church

  1. Ladies Department
  2. Widows and Single Mothers (WISOMS)
  3. Youths (14–40 years)
  4. Intercession
  5. Welfare
  6. Sunday School
  7. Music (it has a hymn book and this department also enabled the formation of ZimPraise by Joseph Madziyire)[1]

Annual Conferences

Almost every department holds its annual conference and there is the general conference which is traditionally held in August. All these conferences are held at Rufaro Conference Centre in Chatsworth in Masvingo, a place which was specifically purchased by the church for such purposes. (Bucks Farm.)

The WISMOS conference is held in February, followed by the Youth conference in April and the Ladies conference in April again. The Sunday School Church and or the Children's Church have their conference in December.

Philanthropy Work

The church managed to establish primary schools namely, Manhinga Primary School, Dzvairo Primary School, Nyasha Primary School, Rutendo Primary School, Tsanzaguru Primary School and Chikanga Primary School among others.[1] It has also managed to establish secondary schools namely, Rufaro Mission School, Kaswa High School, Living Waters High School.[1]

Theological Schools

The church has managed to form its own theological schools. The first to be established was the Living Waters Theological Seminary in Tynwald.[2] Most pastors and or reverends who are part of the executive board and pastors of various assemblies are graduates from this seminary. Asuza Theological Seminary was also established in Bulawayo.[3]

These schools offer certificates, diplomas, degrees and masters degrees in theology, ministry and religious studies.

See Rufaro Secondary School.

Prominent Members of the Church


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