Ackim Mhlanga is a Zimbabwean politician and the former member and Secretary-General of Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP). In May 2021, Mhlanga joined Zanu PF.


Mthwakazi Republic Party

Mhlanga resigned from both his position and the party citing “irreconcilable differences” between him and the leadership.

He had served as MRP’s national secretary-general since March 2018. Mhlanga announced his resignation through a letter to the party’s national chairperson Mqondisi Ndebele.

In his resignation letter dated 13 April 2021, Mhlanga said he was unhappy that his repeated calls for transparency and accountability in the party were ignored by the party leadership. He said the party was being led by a few individuals who acted as if they were the party owners. He said that when he confronted Moyo with his issues, Moyo tried to have him expelled.[1]

Zanu PF

Mhlanga joined Zanu PF in May 2021 and he was welcomed by senior Zanu PF officials at a meeting held in Victoria Falls.

Speaking to on 17 May 2021, Mhlanga who hails from Hwange said:

"I joined Zanu PF on Saturday in Victoria Falls. After joining the ruling party, I felt good that at least I have found a political home to stay and work for my people."

Commenting on Mhlanga's defection to Zanu PF, Mqondisi Moyo described it as a non-event.[1]


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