Admire Taderera
Picture of Admire Taderera
Admire Taderera in the Studio
BornAdmire Taderera
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe.
  • Radio Show Host
  • TV Show Host
Years active1990–present

Admire Taderera is a well known Zimbabwean radio and television personality and sports commentator who rose to fame during the late 1980s whist working for the national broadcaster the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. Besides the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, Taderera has also worked for other local radio stations such as Power FM and Star FM which is owned by the Zimbabwe Newspapers (Zimpapers).


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Career at ZBC

Taderera worked for the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation as a radio presenter and Disc Jockey for more than two decades from 1986 to 2007.[1] He is also an experienced sports commentator and he also won a number of deals with advertising agencies for his voice over radio and television commercials.

At Power FM and Star FM

Taderera also worked at Power FM Zimbabwe in various capacities. He eventually joined the Zimbabwe Newspapers owned StarFM as a general manager at its formation in 2012. The Herald reported that Taderera left the radio station simply on early retirement. At his farewell party organised by Zimpapers, Taderera was showered with praises for his role in the development of Star FM to become one of the celebrated radio stations in Zimbabwe.

Dismissal from StarFM

He left Star FM in October 2014.[1] However the Financial Gazette reported that Taderera was sent on forced leave amid reports that he was running down the radio station turning it into a loss making entity. His ouster was thus meant to pave way for investigations as some of the senior members questioned his managerial skills and professional acumen. He was also accused of failing to generate revenue for the radio station through courting viable partners in the advertising sector.

The station was said to have failed to sustain itself financially during his tenure as General manager.[2] .

Sports Commentary

Taderera has done commentary on numerous football games both locally and internationally. On the ZBC TV station, Taderera featured on several occasions while doing commentary for local Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League games and some international games. He also did commentary on other radio stations such as Radio Zimbabwe and StarFM.

Emanating from his vast experience in the local and international sports fraternity, Taderera was appointed chairperson of the Sports Writers Association of Zimbabwe (SWAZ) on March 30, 2011. In this capacity, Taderera was responsible for the professional conduct of Sports Journalists who were very influential in the selection of the best sports persons as well as the organising of awards.[3]

As Spokesperson of Heartfelt International Ministries

Taderera diversified his career when he joined a growing religious movement called Heartfelt International Ministries led by Tawonga Wutawashe. He initially joined the church as a member and was eventually given the post of spokesperson due to his popularity in the media and his vast experience in the broadcasting sector. His position made him the face of the religious movement as he appeared in both local print and electronic media speaking on behalf of the church.[4]

The Stroke

Taderera suffered a major stroke which left him partially paralysed. This was confirmed by his family members. Taderera was said to have suffered the stroke on December 19, 2014 and was unable to talk. He was understood to be undergoing rehabilitative treatment at St Giles a Harare hospital. His condition was said to have slightly improved since the stroke before Christmas but he still could not talk and one side of his body was paralysed," a family member as quoted as saying in local media.[5]


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