Africa Day
Africaday map.jpg
Observed byAfrican Union Member states
SignificanceDay African Union was founded in 1963
Date25 May

Africa Day is a holiday celebrated annually in some African countries on the 25th of May. The day marks the founding day of the African Union (formally called Organisation of Africa Unity) in 1963. In Zimbabwe, it is celebrated as an official Public Holiday. The holiday was formerly known as African Liberation Day and African Freedom Day.

As at 2018, only 9 countries in Africa recognize it as a public holiday.


The Organisation of African Unity was as officially formed on 25 May 1963 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where 30 representatives from Africa countries met to discuss the liberation of African countries from colonial rule. Specifically, the gathering was focused on the liberation of Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

The meeting resolved to help freedom fighter groups such as ZAPU and ZANU (which was also formed that year).

The meeting was hosted by Haile Selassie the Emperor of Ethiopia. A charter of the OAU was created pledging support to all member states and it was signed on 26 May. It is said the Selassie said of the new organisation, "May this convention of union last 1,000 years."