BornTiny Machivenyika
EducationMorgan High School

Allanah is a Zimbabwean musician well known for her cover of the hit song Mebo by Obert Chari. She is also known for featuring on Poptain's hit song Fadza Mutengi.


Allanah was born Tiny Machivenyika in Chitungwiza in a family of three girls and one boy. [1]She was married in 2015 but divorced her husband in 2018 for being abusive. In an interview with The Standard, Allanah said she almost quit her career as a musician as a result of the marriage.

Allanah said:

After getting married in 2015, I lived a rough life and my husband then did not want me to be a musician whereas he was pursuing a career as a music producer and so I had to stay at home.

She says she became impoverished to the extent of being called names until she got violent to the point of getting arrested for confronting some of the people who were mocking her.[2]

Her stage name Allanah is a combination of the names of two favourite artists. She says she just took parts of the names from her favourite artists, Fianah and Alaine. [3]


She attended Moffat Primary School and did her Ordinary Level at Morgan High School where she passed four subjects. She says she decided not to rewrite because of her love was music.[4]

Music Career

Before she became a full-time musician Allanah would buy and sell goods. The business was not as lucrative as she ended up being impoverished to the point of wearing rugs.

She eventually returned to the studio and recorded the song Mboko Last which details her love story in full.[5]

In June 2020 she released a song titled Musha mukadzi featuring Aisha Dawn. The song that pays tribute to women.[6]

She recorded her first song in 2014. The song titled Give Glory did not receive much attention.

Allanah said her breakthrough was in 2018 when she met Lloyd Jiro, popularly known as ‘Papa Lodza’, who identified her talent and wanted to explore more musically with her.

She says she was signed by Raw Music as a backing vocalist. Under the guidance of music producer Papa Lodza, she started doing cover songs which led her to record her own songs.[7]



  • Mude Mude
  • Musha mukadzi ft Aisha Dawn
  • Mboko Last
  • Old School Love
  • Haikwane[8]
  • Rima (A tribute to Ginimbi)
  • Kufara Kwacho ft Obert Chari
  • Ndotenda Ishe
  • Give Glory