Amalgamated Tobacco Manufacturers (ATM) is mentioned on p29 Cartel Power Dynamics in Zimbabwe under the Case Study 4 The Cigarette Cartels.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has investigated several individuals and companies for distributing smuggled cigarettes, including Amalgamated Tobacco Manufacturers (ATM) (Atlantic Council. The Illicit Tobacco Trade in Zimbabwe and South Africa: Impacts and Solutions. Atlantic Council. 2019) which is owned by Yusuf Kajee. It is alleged that ATM was established with the assistance of John Bredenkamp, (Thamm, M. SARS WARS: Suspension of the last remaining key official jeopardizes ‘Tobacco War’ cases. Daily Maverick, 10 February 2017) while ATM’s operations in Mozambique are run by the aforementioned Paul de Robillard. (Africa Intelligence. 2019. Paul de Robillard back in Maputo with cigarette from ATM. Africa Intelligence, 13 December 2019.)