Amon Jirira
Amon Jirira, Amon Fungayi Jirira, Zimbabwean nationalist
Amon Jirira
BornAmon Fungayi Jirira
(1921-10-04)October 4, 1921
  • Freedom Fighter

Amon Jirira was a Zimbabwean nationalist that fought for the freedom of Zimbabwe.


Amon Fungayi Jirira was born on 10 October 1921 in Kadoma.


Jirira attended Waddilove Training Institution from 1932 to 1940. He completed his primary education and passed a teacher’s course. He then studied privately to obtain his senior school certificate. He went on to Fort Cox College of Agriculture in South Africa to study agriculture between 1946 and 1948. He was awarded a first class diploma. In 1963 he went to America and gained a diploma in Administration from the University of Wisconsin


Amon Jirira would be a part of ANC during his lifetime.

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Positions Held

1971-1975: Officer in Charge of Education, ANC


Jirira was one of the nationalists who remained in support of Joshua Nkomo after the 1963 split.