Andrew Whaley was born in Harare and was the scriptwriter for the film More Time (film). He has always been interested in theatre, particularly from the acting and writing angle. Andrew is now a well-known playwright. Some of the plays he wrote include Platform 5, Nyoka Tree, and The Rise and Shine of Comrade Fiasco. All of these plays have won several awards including the very prestigious Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival for The Rise and Shine of Comrade Fiasco.


Andrew co-founded The Meridian Theatre Company, one of Zimbabwe's top theatre groups. As well as being involved in theatre on a high level, Andrew has worked on numerous Zimbabwean journals. Andrew has been involved in the Zimbabwean film industry for some time. He has worked on several feature films, mostly in casting and acting. Some of the major motion pictures Andrew has worked on are Cry Freedom (Film), A World Apart, A Dry White Season and A Far Off Place.

Although More Time (film) was Andrew's first writing credit on a full length feature film, he proved himself to be a brilliant writer from the start of his career as a playwright.