Andy Baleni popularly known as Mambo Ndini on social media is a Zimbabwean businessman and the owner of 1202 Herbal Solutions.

Net Worth

Research done by NewsDay showed that 1202 Herbal Solutions is now worth over US$2 million and owns properties in and outside Harare.[1] In 2020 he made headlines after buying Chill Spot boss DJ Fantan a car.[2]

Business Career

In an interview with NewsDay Andy Baleni said he started as a tomato vendor. From selling tomatoes, he started selling drinks and scones in offices and saved up just enough to start a company 1202 herbal solutions in February 2018. 1202 herbal solutions with 2 employees and grew to 1600 employees by the end of 2018. In 2019 he reduced 1202 Herbal Solutions' employees from 1600 to just 600 because of "competition which was sabotaging his work".

In 2019, Baleni ventured into the entertainment business and started the ‘Andy Parties’ event management company which hosted the popular and controversial event ‘Night Pool Party’ which was held in Glen Lorne.[1]


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