Anglican Reformed Church of Zimbabwe
Founder(s)David Kunyongana

The Anglican Reformed Church of Zimbabwe is a local Zimbabwean religious organisation that was formed by David Kunyongana. The church organisation was established after Kunyongana broke away from the Anglican church that was once under the leadership of ousted/excommunicated Bishop, Nolbert Kunonga

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Prior to the establishment of the church, Kunyongana was under Nolbert Kunonga who had also broken ties with the mainstream Anglican church (Church of Province of Central Africa), allegedly over issues of same-sex marriages.[1] Kunyongana served under Kunonga as Vicar General before he was removed from his post upon which he went on to form his own church. Commenting on his church values and beliefs, Kunyongana highlighted that his organisation was an independent church but would fully embrace Catholicism, pentecostalism, prophecy, charismatic beliefs and visions.

The church drew the majority of its membership from Dzivarasekwa where Kunyongana had served as a priest.<ref name="religioninzim">Zvamaida Murwira Third Anglican faction church emerges in Zimbabwe, The Herald, Published: January 28, 2013, Retrieved: June 17, 2015</ref Some of the clerics that Kunyongana walked away with include Simeon Makove who was previously based in Rugare.


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