Anita Jaxson
Anita Jaxson
Background information
Born (1998-11-26) November 26, 1998 (age 23)
Years active2018 - Present

Anita Jaxson is a Zimbabwean singer songwriter based in Harare. She is most known for her Zimdancehall collaborations with popular artists Poptain (Duffle bag) and Jah Master (Unonzani).


Jaxson was born and grew up in Braeside. She grew up in Harare Zimbabwe, and has always had a passion for music- starting out in primary school (junior) with the school choir. During her school years she was an avid basketball player and storywriter and achieved accolades in both disciplines. As a young girl, she was inspired by Adele. She revealed her father was abusive and would beat her and her mother after drinking alcohol. Anita said it affected her confidence growing up.[1]

Relationship With Poptain

In June 2021, Anita Jaxson confirmed that she was dating fellow musician Poptain.[2]

However, in April 2022, Anita and Poptain both confirmed that their relationship was a sham, a fake romance to shore up their careers. They both gave interviews coming clean on the affair, revealing they never dated and were both in relationships. However, their version of events differed with Poptain saying it was Anita Jaxson who instigated the whole thing but Anita rejected the claim. She said they were both guilty as they had succumbed to pressure after many said they were good together. She said even Poptain's wife was in on the act as she had attended some of their shows. She said if Poptain had issues with it why would he ride on that wave for over a year. When they did the interviews the two had fallen out and had not spoken for months.[3]

Music Career

After school she kept on expressing herself through music by joining a band led by JBone called Carlo, which she was a part of for 2 years. After the band she then participated in a music contest, where she met other artists in the industry and did a few tracks which were released to some success. However the show came to an abrupt halt and she put music on hold.[4]

In 2020, she picked up music again and featured on Poptain’s Duffle bag, this was met with great acclaim for her vocals and performance.

Jaxson's influences include Winky D, Koffee, Shenseea, Rihanna and Stefflon Don. Said Jaxson on her website:

“As much as she is inspired by these artists, she doesn’t want to be boxed into following in their footsteps, she is determined to build her own name and be her own person with her own unique sound.”

She has said though her popular songs have been Zimdancehall, she's not just a dancehall artists. She has also worked on RnB songs and featured on Hip-hop music as well.

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Jah Master and Anita Jaxson on song Unonzani

Anita Jaxson Ft Poptain on Fire

Anita Jaxson- Fire feat. Poptain

Anita Jaxson - Mercy

Jaxson with Bezeck and Kisten on the song Canaan Banana

Anita Jaxson on Earground interviewed by Plot Mhako

Personal Life

In 2020, she said that music was still part time and she was employed as an IT sales person. Jaxson also said she was working on a book on Albinism and child marriage called Screams for help.[5]

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