Antelope Park
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Antelope Park is a tourist resort in Zimbabwe which is found in Gweru in the Midlands Province. The park is ideal for holidays and camping.

See Wildlife, Zimbabwe

Accommodation Facilities

The park has a variety of accommodation facilities which range from en-suite lodges and river tents, campsites, standard rooms as well as self-catering facilities.[1] All the accomodation facilities also offer home cooked meals

Events Venue

The park is also used as a wedding reception centre and a conference centre by various organisations.


Lion Walk

The walk includes a tour of sites within the camp where lions are usually spotted. The walks are coordinated by wildlife guides who help with the handling of the animals while they are in their natural habitats.

Tour of Lion Breeding Programme

The tour is limited to the viewing of young cubs and there are no time limits like the Lion Walk. This tour can take at any time and there not many restrictions

Lion Feeding

Visitors are also allowed to tour lion sites and see the animals while they feed. This activity is said to start around 3pm but the time will largely depend on the availability of the animals

Elephant Ride

As the name suggests, elephant riding is one of the most popular activities at Antelope Park.

Some of the activities that are enjoyable at the park include: Elephant Training, Elephant Walk, Horse Ride/Lesson, Lunar Horse Ride/Lunar Elephant Ride, Game Drive/Night Drive, Carriage Ride, Bird Viewing, Boat Cruise, and Fishing.

Special Features

  • Secure Parking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Satellite TV
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Braai / BBQ Facilities
  • Disabled Facilities
  • Internet Facilities
  • Airconditioned


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