Arthur Sturgess
Known forFounding Mazoe Orange Crush

Arthur Sturgess was an entrepreneur and founder of Spa Foods, the company that started the Mazoe Orange Crush brand and line of products. Over the years, Mazoe became one of Rhodesia's and Zimbabwe's most known beverage brands. Mazoe is also known and is consumed in the region with the company now exporting it into the region.

Founding Spa Foods

In 1930, Sturgess his small soft drink factory in Bulawayo. He decided to introduce a real fruit juice produced locally from Mazowe Valley oranges. His wife named the new fruit juice Mazoe after Sturgess had struggled to find a name.

Mazoe Orange Crush Brand

Line up of Mazoe Orange Crush packaging over time to 2018

In 1945, following the merger of Sturgess's company with Schweppes, the new company was called Schweppes Central Africa Limited and it was listed on the Rhodesia Stock Exchange. In 1998, Mazoe Orange Crush, along with other Schweppes Limited brands, was sold to The Coca-Cola world-wide. Onward, Schweppes was now manufacturing Mazoe Orange Crush under franchise.