Ba Shupi
Ba Shupi, Peace Ndlovu
Ba Shupi
BornPeace Ndlovu
(1979-06-08) June 8, 1979 (age 42)
EducationUniversity of Zimbabwe
  • Musician
  • Actor
  • Theatre Production
Spouse(s)Wadzanai Gumbo

Ba Shupi is a multi-talented Karanga singer, actor, vocalist and song writer who sings his own unique style of urban grooves. He rose to fame with the "Godo" hit-song he performed with Stunner.


Ba Shupi was born Peace Ndlovu on the 8th of June in 1979 and grew up in Masvingo Province.[1] The singer got married to his manager Wadzanai Gumbo in December 2014.


Ba Shupi attended the University of Zimbabwe for his tertiary education.[1]


As young as the age of 13, Ba Shupi joined the Amakhosi Theatre Production in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.[1] Drama, music, dance became his life. This saw Ba Shupi touring Zimbabwe, Sweden, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Uruguay to mention a few.[1]

At the age of 18 Ba Shupi opened his own Theatre company in Masvingo Province Zimbabwe, he named it Karanga Arts Promotions. He also worked with Masvingo Drama Circle. During this period Ba Shupi had the privilege to work and operate within the Masvingo Province in boarding schools, day schools, primary schools and high schools working with different organizations such as National Aids Council, Humana People to People and Forum Syde.[1]

In 2008 he relocated to Malawi where he worked as an Accounting Clerk. In 2011, he returned to Zimbabwe where his true destiny as a visual arts performer awaited him. He went on to record his first album titled Twunonaka.[1]



  • Twunonaka (2011)
  • Zvinonaka (2012).[1]
  • Dura


  • Sunungura MaRasta (2019 collaboration with Stunner)
  • Godo (collaboration with Stunner)
  • Mapena (collaboration with Pee kay)
  • Ma1 (collaboration with Pee kay)
  • Mainini
  • Zuva
  • Tezvara varamba - EX-Q ft Ba Shupi
  • Simudza



Ba Shupi gives back to the community by working with disadvantaged children and adults. He is also involved with AFRICAD Zimbabwe, dealing and tackling stigmatization.[1]


The National Arts Merit Awards 2012:

  • Best song of the year - Godo
  • Best collaboration - Godo
  • Best video of the year- Godo
  • Best male artist -Godo.[1]

Acting career

Ba Shupi featured in a short film titled "Letters" that premièred at the Book Cafe in 2014. The film which was written by Blessing Chinanga focuses on the marriages of two scandalous couples.[2]


There was a media frenzy when screenshots popped up online which suggested that the popular musician had been trying to win over a woman regardless of the fact that he had been married for barely 24 months. The screenshots show a conversation in which Ba Shupi is challenged to take a photo of himself sticking his tongue out and pointing to the sky with one finger. The photos triggered a social media frenzy in which people took to twitter doing the same thing Ba Shupi had been asked to do.[3]

Seperation with wife

In June of 2018 Ba Shupi separated from Wadzanai Ndlovu his after four years of marriage.


Ba Shupi and Stunner
Ba Shupi and Stunner
Ba shupi featuring Soul jar love - muridzo
Peekay feat Baba Shupi Ma1

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