Barbara Mzembi

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Barbara Mzembi
Barbara Mzembi
BornBarbara Mzembi
  • Entrepreneur
  • Socialite
Spouse(s)Walter Mzembi

Barbara Hernandez Mzembi is the wife of Zimbabwe's minister of Tourism and Hospitality Walter Mzembi. She is originally from San Jose, Cuba but moved to Zimbabwe in 1998. The couple is blessed with six children. Barbara is also a socialite

Educational Background and Work History

It is said that Barbara is a chemist and micro biologist by profession.[1] Barbara also has diplomas in accounting, interior design and languages. She also worked at the University of Zimbabwe's research department for a brief moment.After leaving her job at the University of Zimbabwe, she also went on to work at the centre of epidemiology where she worked in a lab analysing different human swaps,food and beverages. It was also reported that she at one point operated a child care centre after which she went to form Elbano Creation, designing clothing but the company ended up diversifying into protective clothing. The company was said to have closed as a result of the market flooding with cheap imports.[1] Currently Barbara works as an executive director for Rarefied Investments, an organization which focuses on the sale of chemicals for crop protection and agricultural implements. The company is one of her oldest ventures which has been operational since 1999[1]

Business Interests and Other Activities

Together with husband Walter Mzembi, they own and operate a travel agency called MuNandi oparates along the Harare and Johannesburg. The travel agency was also said to be one of the best in the country and was said to have expanded and offering other services like air ticketing.[1] Barbara has also been heavily involved in the country's tourism industry, she has been the guest of honour at the Miss Tourism Prize Ceremony for the year 2009.[2] After the successful introduction of the annual Miss Carnival by the ministry of tourism, Barbara Hernandez Mzembi was appointed as the new Miss Carnival Patron in 2014.[3] She also played a complimentary role at the UNWTO Conference that was held in Victoria Falls where she entertained the spouses of the delegates attending the conference. There had been some sections calling for the conference to accommodate prostitute but Tourism minister Walter Mzembi shot down the idea that prostitution should not be allowed during the conference. Instead Walter Mzembi highlighted that the spouses would by entertained by his wife Barbara and she also advertised the tourist attractions in the country.[4]


Barbara along with her husband where at one point embroiled in a dispute with a local bank over a loan which was extended to their company but they were failing o pay it back. It was reported that POSB extended a loan amounting to one hundred thousand dollars to Rob Cobban. The couple in writing bound themselves as surety and co principal debtors with Rob Cobban investments.[5] The bank had approached the court over the matter due to the failure of the Mzembis and the company to settle the debt owed within the prescribed time frame.


Barbara is also heavily involved in the fashion industry and is also a fashion designer.[1] She was quoted as having said

Every time I buy a piece of cloth, my mother always laughs at me because I am never happy with something just the way it is. I always want to add something: a little flower on a shoe, to change the pattern or remove one sleeve. I used to buy fabric and sew my own clothes. I don’t really follow trends but work with what goes for my body. I can admire something and also be like “this is not for me”. I admire the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton). She is very simple and I like how she didn’t go for those big names in design but wears those of designers who are not that well known [1]


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