Barbara Nkala is a Zimbabwean actor who played the role of Thandi's mother in the film More Time (film), was born in the Bulawayo. She was raised in a traditional environment, which she believed gave her all the necessary experience for what she did. During the holidays all the children in the clan would get together to do plays. They would perform at church or other social gatherings. As the eldest grandchild, she took more to organising the acts, "writing" and "directing."


At Gweru Teacher's College, Barbara started writing short stories. Her first publications came through a story writing competition that had been organised by the Literature Bureau. Barbara's inspiration to act was always there. From her childhood, stage acting and singing came naturally. Her first major acting achievement was the lead role in a college play The First Born.

Since then she did some broadcasting as well. Professionally, Barbara would not act in just anything... only what she believed in. Barbara's first big screen production was Consequences. She played the role of a disturbed mother, as she does in More Time. Barbara felt that playing Thandi's mother strengthened her own resolve to talk to her children and other children about the AIDS epidemic. She believed those who know her will come to talk about the issues raised in the movie.