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Be Forward
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Be Forward is a global vehicle exporter which is headquartered in Japan. The company is arguably one of the most popular exporter of used Japanese cars. It has also established a base in Zimbabwe ,as people have been importing Japanese cars in large quantities. The process of acquiring vehicles through Be Forward is also convenient in that customers are able to import their cars directly online without the use of third party agents.

How to Import a Car

  1. Choose Your vehicle!: Make your inquiries by e-mail or at website and receive the CIF price by e-mail. If the vehicle has been under offer to another customer, the vehicle may become available to you later. Please contact us in a few days. Or you can find another vehicle and make inquiries again.
  2. Request: If you agree with the CIF price, request Proforma Invoice(P/I) and Purchase Agreement(P/A). We will hold the vehicle for you up to 48 hours from the time we issued the P/I and P/A. View sample Proforma Invoice(P/I) and Purchase Agreement(P/A
  3. Payment:Make 100% payment of the total CIF cost By Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) within 2 business days.You need to pay money transfer charge at your bank, because it is not included to CIF price.Send T/T transfer copy by e-mail to us. View sample Telegraphic Transfer (T/T
  4. Booking Your Vehicle: After we acknowledge the receipt of your payment, we will re-confirm the followings by email: 1)your Consignee (owner-to-be for the vehicle): for B/L2)your Notify Party (person who receives the notice of ship's arrival): for B/L (Bill of Lading)3)your Documents Destination Address (DHL delivery address) We need Full Name, Full Address and Phone Number for ALL of the above. View sample Bill of Lading (B/L) After re-confirming the above with you, we will book your vehicle on the ship sailing to the port of your conveniences.
  5. Shipping Schedule: We will send you the shipping schedule around the ship's departure date(s). Please be informed that the ship's name / schedule are subject to changes due to shipping company's reasons and they are beyond our (BF's) control. These are expected changes in this business.
  6. Final Check for Bill of Lading (B/L) Documents: Shipping company will send us B/L documents 10–12 days after the ship's departure. We will send you PDF file of the B/L documents by e-mail. Please CHECK THE SCAN VERY CAREFULLY. You may not be able to amend the B/L once we send it out to you.
  7. Dispatch B/L Documents: After receiving your confirmation on the PDF file of the B/L documents, we will start sending out the documents to you by DHL. Tracking Number and link will be notified to you immediately.
  8. Delivery of the Vehicle to you: Pick up the vehicle(s) at your port. Make sure you bring all necessary documents.[1]

Here is a quick reference for How to Buy

Important Facts to Know Before Importing a Car

  • Duty, VAT, and clearing charge for your country is not included in the price. It must be paid by you or via an agent of your choice in your country. For more information on duty and tax in Zimbabwe please refer to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. City Delivery to Harare prices include the Zimbabwe clearing charge.
  • If you choose Durban Port, your vehicle will be delivered via car carrier truck to the city. This is option is safer and faster. If you use Dar es Salaam Port you will need to pick up your car at Dar es Salaam or the Tunduma border.
  • The amount of tax is the same to Beitbridge or Harare. We provide a detailed INVOICE to make it clear for the Tax Authority. For example, the City Delivery cost from Beitbridge to Harare can be deducted from the tax calculation.

Local Agents

Be Forward has a local agent with details provided below but they only offer general information and clearing services

How Safe is Be Forward

Be Forward is quite secure when purchasing a car but there are still certain pitfalls that the customers need to be aware of. There is a trend of people receiving fake emails from Be Forward. Here are the legitimate Forward details to minimise risks of being tricked.[2]

Contact Details for Be Forward

  • SBS (Clearing Agent)
  • 2 Sandrighan Drive
  • Belgravia, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Tel: +263 (0)4 799008
  • +263 (0)4 798959
  • +263 (0)4 250731
  • Email:


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