Bhebhe Vokwatumbare

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Bhebhe Vokwatumbare[edit]

Bhebhe Vokwatumbare has for long been used as a form of identity; identifying people who belong to that totem with a unique social, economic, or historical background and past. It was thus a common unifying factor which bound together individuals, families and clans. Totems in Zimbabwe are not a thing of the past despite the changes that have come with time, people are still identified by their respective totems.

Tumbare wejira jena,
VaChulu chaNhave,
VaChigala nakabhanga,
VaChichengeta munongolo,
VaChilayilo chakanye ishomwe,
VaChilimamafunde manji,
Asaiva Tumbare,
Bwana bwomuRozvi bwaitsva muchoto.[1]


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