Biometric Voter Registration (BVR)

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'Biometric Voter registration is the process of registering eligible voters by capturing biometric features. During the registration process ZEC will be using two key biometric features which are fingerprints and photograph. Biometrics refers to the identification of individual humans by unique characteristics or traits as a means of identification and access control. These characteristics include fingerprints, photo, signature, etc. The main purpose of using biometrics in the voter registration process is to prevent, duplication, multiple registrations or identity theft, to prevent among other things, the so-called ghost workers. It also improves the accuracy of the voters rolls.

Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) Kit[edit]

A BVR kit is the computerised unit that captures the voter's data. It comprises of a computer (laptop) fingerprint scanner and a camera.

The BVR kit captures the personal identification information of a voter such as the name, surname, national identification number, gender, address and combines these with the unique biometric features of the fingerprints and photograph.

Use of biometric data[edit]

The biometric data validates fingerprints and photography. It also identifies any duplicates of the biometric features and removes such duplicates. The verified data is kept by ZEC


Requirements for registration are that a person should:

  • Be a Zimbabwean citizen
  • Be 18 years old or above
  • Have proof of identity by producing one of the following documents
 -A valid Zimbabwe passport,
 -National Identification Card (ID) - metal or plastic,  Waiting Pass with the original photograph

It is advised that your Zimbabwe identification documents be legible and in good condition. It is also necessary to regularise your Zimbabwean National Identity Card if your citizen status reads "alien"

Proof of Residence[edit]

A proof of residence is a document confirming where you live, it needs to have your full name as it written on your (lD) and your address printed on it. The documents can be any one of the following

  • A) title deeds or a certificate of occupation
  • B) a lodgers permit issued by the relevant local authority
  • C) rates, water, electricity, telephone or credit store statement on which is shown your name and physical address
  • D) a statement from your landlord, parent or friend confirming that you reside at the stated place of residence accompanied by any of the documents in A, B Or C in the name of landlord, parent, friend or such other person at whose residence you reside
  • E) a statement that confirms that you are residing at the stated place of residence made by the head of a school, hospital or other public institutions where you reside
  • F) a statement confirming that you reside at the stated place of residence made by or on behalf of the person in whose name a mining location is registered in the area where you reside
  • G) a statement by your employer confirming your address
  • H) a confirmation letter by the relevant councillor, village head, headman or Chief confirming that you reside in the ward you claim to reside
  • I) a confirmation letter by farm owner or resettlement officer confirming that you reside in the ward you claim to reside in
  • J) an offer proving that you are in lawful occupation of the land to which the offer letter relates
  • K) a hospital bill or clinic, hospital card or an envelope with post office markings reflecting your address
  • L) if you are unable to produce any of the above documents as proof of residence you can submit a residence AFFIDAVIT stating your place of residence

Registration Process[edit]

A) complete the registration form and have your identity document and proof of residence B) your documents and voter registration form will be checked by the Voter Registration Officer C) your data will be captured by the Voter registration Officer D) your documents and ten fingerprints will be scanned and photograph was taken by the Voter Registration Officer E) you will be required to verify your data on the Biometric Voter Registration Kits screen F) upon confirmation you will receive a Certificate of Registration. Keep this certificate safe as a record of your registration.

The following information will appear on the certificate

  • surname
  • name
  • ID number
  • serial number
  • Polling Station
  • local authority
  • ward
  • constituency
  • district

Voter Registration Inspection[edit]

After the registration period, there will be a voter registration inspection process where you can confirm and correct errors or omissions to your registration details. Bring your certificate of registration. Ensure that your name is on the Voter's roll.

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