Blessing Mashangwa
Blessing mashangwa.jpg
BornBlessing Muzvongi
Known forFounding Oceane Collection Perfumes
Spouse(s)Upenyu Mashangwa (ex-husband)
ChildrenTariro, Clive, Emmanuel, and Zoe

Blessing Mashangwa is a Zimbabwean businesswoman and the co-founder of Oceane Collection Perfumes.


Blessing Mashangwa was born Blessing Muzvongi. [1]She has four children; Tariro, Clive, Emmanuel, and Zoe.[2]


Blessing met her ex-husband at a cell group church meeting at Celebration Church.[1]

Mashangwa's marriage fell apart in 2018. In a Facebook post she revealed that she was walking away with nothing from Oceane Perfumes, the business that she had toiled over for 15 years.[3]


Blessing told H-Metro that she has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Administration from Thames University which she obtained through Milpark Business School in South Africa. In 2017 she said she was working towards her Master’s degree.[2]

Business Career

She launched AVON in Zimbabwe in 2002 which went on to be distributed in many major departmental stores. Blessing founded Oceane Perfumes in 2005 after her former husband Upenyu pushed her towards building their own brand.

She said the name Oceane was derived from her former husband's nickname in high school. Her husband was named Ocean after Ocean Sommers of the 1993 TV mini-series Trade Winds.[2][1]

Emmanuel Makandiwa Lawsuit

In August 2017, Blessing and Upenyu Mashangwa sued Makandiwa and his wife for US$6,5million over alleged false prophecies. However, Makandiwa sought an exception, arguing that matters of faith could not be handled by a secular court and the High Court Dismissed Makandiwa’s Application and said He Must Answer For “False Prophecies”


Teaming Up With Jay Israel

Mashangwe was caught on camera together with Jay Israel plotting to tarnish the image of Makandiwa and extort money. Below are images of the video in question:

Evidence Chari said Makandiwa had opened a case against Mashangwa. [4]


  • Women’s Top business Leader of the year – Special recognition in Entrepreneurial Excellence from WOLA
  • Megafest Female Entrepreneur (2016)[2]

Tabitha Foundation

Mashangwa launched a charity organisation in March 2016 which is fully funded by her and her former husband Upenyu Mashangwa, known as Tabitha Foundation. This foundation helps people in need of food and basic groceries


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