Blush is a Zimbabwean musician and music producer who is part of the Urban Grooves pioneer group 2BG. He was a co-founder of Chigutiro Studios with Sipho Mkhuhlane (TBA the Playboy), Shayndingz and Jerrie. Apart from helping various urban grooves, Blush composes and sings.


He is credited with writing most of the songs recorded on the Chigutiro compilation albums. Some of the songs are Chido Changu, Rufaro, Nzwisisa, Taurai’s Bum Jive and Is it Possible.

His solo release was Story of My Heart in 2006 that had Maoko Mudenga and Moyo as some of the tracks. He had his second solo project titled I Was Born To Make You Blush in 2011. He also returned to help 2BG record Wandizadzisa. Blush also penned Ndoda Iwe, one of the songs that made Roki famous. Ndoda Iwe is on Chamhembe Plus. Then there was Chigutiro Anthem, as well as Chiedza and Tipei Maoko for 2BG in 2006.[1]


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