Bob Nyabinde
Bob Nyabinde
Born (1955-03-10) March 10, 1955 (age 67)
Mutare, Zimbabwe
Alma materMutare Teacher's College
  • Jazz Musician
  • Songwriter
  • Educator
  • Guitarist
Years active1994 - Present
Known forPane Nyaya
ChildrenAgga Nyabinde

Bob Nyabinde is an award-winning Zimbabwean Afro-Jazz musician known mostly for his 2002 debut album Pane Nyaya which had the hits Chabuda Hapana and Mombe Yasamanyika. Nyabinde is popularly known as the Headmaster owing to his career as a teacher and then headmaster of primary schools before he went into music full-time. He is the leader of Savanna Band.


Bob Nyabinde was born on 10 March 1955 in Mutare in the Manicaland province of Zimbabwe.[1] He trained in education at Mutare Teacher's College and later became a teacher who worked at different primary schools in the country, from Primary Schools in rural areas (Somala, St Judges, St Martin’s Zhombe) to urban Primary Schools (Chana Primary School, R. J Davies Primary School). Even as a teacher, Nyabinde had passion for music[2]

"The Headmaster" eventually rose through the ranks in education to be promoted to deputy headmaster and eventually to school head at a very young age. It was during this time that he would play as a solo guitarist to pupils at the school, private functions in Kwekwe and regular solo shows at a local hotel in Kwekwe.[1]

Health Problems

Bob Nyabinde suffered a stroke in July 2021. After suffering a stroke his left side was not functional. He started doing physiotherapy and his left side started improving and by November 2021 he could walk on his own. Nyabinde is also diabetic. [3]

Other musicians held a Bob Nyabinde fundraising concert at Theatre in the Park. The event was organised by Rooftop Promotions led by Daves Guzha.[4]

Music career

His debut titled Panenyaya — which had the famous song Chabuda Hapana — was done during the time he was a primary school head at R.J Davies Primary School and he featured his students on the video. Pane Nyaya topped sales for two consecutive years 2002-2004 and made him an icon in the Zimbabwean music industry. It earned him a ZIMA Award in 2003 for the best Afro-Jazz Artist of the year 2003. His songs are mainly focused on social themes. After working as a solo artist, Nyabinde eventually formed the Savanna Drive Band. Initially the band was a trio band. The band played in Kwekwe every weekend.[1]


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Nyabinde performed at Harare International Festival of the Arts in 2005 and was a nominee for best afro Jazz Artist NAMA Awards from 2003 till 2005. He was also been a regular feature at the annual Harare Winter Jazz Festival held at Jazz 105 from 2006 to 2012.

Musical Genre

His music is classified loosely as "Afro-Jazz" and he sings in his native language, Shona, as well as in Ndebele and English. His music has been described as a mixture between the styles that have a town-ship jazz flavor fused with a Zimbabwean traditional sound.[1]


Bob Nyabinde "Live" at The Jameson Hotel

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The First Album Pane Nyaya (2002)

  1. Hapana
  2. Zvipingaidzo
  3. Samanyika
  4. Panenyaya
  5. Hope
  6. Zvinoreveiko
  7. Panenyaya (Instrumental)
  8. Zvinoreveiko (Instrumental)
  9. Samanyika (Instrumental)[5]

Second Album Ndiratidze Mumwe Chete (2004)

  1. Rudo
  2. Mashereni
  3. Eastern Highlands
  4. Sarudzai
  5. Ndiratidze Mumwe Chete
  6. Hangila Mali
  7. Ngazvigare Hazvo
  8. Rudo (Instrumental)
  9. Mashereni( Instrumental),[5]

The Third Album Teerera (2006)

  1. Teerera
  2. Gwenyambira
  3. Kwakanaka Here
  4. Kusiya Vana Vega
  5. Kunge Kwaye
  6. Ichokwadi Here?
  7. Wandikona
  8. Gwenyambira (Instrumental)
  9. Kusiya Vana Vega( Instrumental)
  10. Teerera ( Instrumental)),[5]

Anzwa Hama (2013)

  1. Kurunzirwa
  2. Tonga Nyaya
  3. Vanonakidza
  4. Pfuma Yangu
  5. Anzwa hama
  6. Kutaura
  7. Makarera Sei?
  8. Zvakasiyana
  9. Kana Ndaneta[6]


  1. 2013 Midlands Province Blood Ambassador(2013)
  2. NAMA (National Arts Merit Awards)Nominee Best Afro Jazz(2003- 2005)
  3. ZIMA (Zimbabwe Music Awards) Best Afro Jazz Artist (2003)
  4. Played at the Miss World Tourism hosted in Zimbabwe.)[5]


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