Bodyslam Records
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FounderHillary Chabvuta, Langton Cheya
Country of originZimbabwe

Bodyslam Records is a Zimbabwean music production house. It is known for its special bias towards the Zimdancehall genre and has also produced a number of hit riddims popular in the genre.


Bodyslam Records was formed in 1990 by Hillary Chabvuta and Langton Cheya and at its peak, it competed with the likes of Stereo One International, Silverstone and Small Axe.[1]


The record label is owned by Simba Chakare (also known as Dj Trouble), Nyasha Chabvuta and Bruce Cheya who promote local artistes both technically and financially.[1] Bodyslam produced music for various local artists of different orientations. With the emergence of Zimdancehall in Zimbabwe, "Bodyslam" became one of the fist local studios to produce notable artists and a number of riddims which include among other Bodyslam Riddim which featured artists such as Shinsoman, Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Luv.


Bodyslam closed business in February 2014 following the parting of promoter Dj Trouble and producer PTK. The two parted ways a result of serious misunderstandings over the running of affairs at Bodyslam. This inevitably resulted in the shutting down of the Highfield based studio.


Bodyslam re-opened its Highfield studio in November 2014 after months of inactivity. The re-opening of the modernised studio also saw the unveiling of new equipment. The studio had widened its scope to include other genres such as Sungura and gospel music.[2]

Bodyslam and Zimdancehall

Bodyslam signed up top producer PTK who defected from Gunhill Records. PTK is behind most of the hit songs that are rocking the local airwaves at the moment and he was a nominee for Top Producer at the inaugural Zimdancehall Awards 2013.[1]


Award Nominations


In May 2014, the Bodyslam launched a show called Bodyslam in which at least 50 artists were part of. Some of the artists at the event included Killer T, Soul Jah Love, Guspy Warrior, Magikkal, PTK, Lady B and several top Zimdancehall Artists. In August 2014, Bodyslam Records toured the United Kingdom and performed uinLuton and Birmingham. The tour included Shinsoman Killer T and Tocky Vibes.[3] The Bodyslam riddim was the main highlight of the shows as artists performed to the beat one after the other.

Fashion Label

Following the success if the Bodyslam riddim, the company launched its clothing line called Bodyslam which was launched in Harare. The label was expected to spread to other towns and eventually cross borders to become an international brand.[4]

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Body Slam Riddim Prod by PTK
Bodyslam Medlye
Tocky Vibes - Simudza Maoko (BodySlam Riddim)(Official Music Video)
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