Bona Mugabe
Bona Mugabe, Bona Chikore, Robert Mugabe's Daughter
Bona Mugabe
Born(1988-04-18)April 18, 1988
Other namesNyepudzai
Known forBeing Robert Mugabe's Daughter
Spouse(s)Simba Chikore
ChildrenSimbanashe Chikore
RelativesRobert Mugabe Junior (brother), Chatunga Mugabe (Brother), Russell Goreraza(Half-bother)

Nyepudzai Bona Mugabe is the only daughter of Zimbabwean politician, former president, Robert Mugabe and former First Lady Grace Mugabe. She sits on the Board of Censors. Bona is married to Simbarashe Chikore and together they have a son Simbanashe. It was reported that Bona Mugabe was robbed of building material worth $4 800 in December 2017.Mugabe Loses Building Material To Robbers


She was born Nyepudzai Bona Mugabe on the 18th of April 1988 and was named after Robert Mugabe's mother. She has two younger siblings, Robert Mugabe Junior and Chatunga Mugabe. She also has an older half-brother Russell Goreraza, from her mother's first marriage. On the 1st of March 2014, she married Simba Chikore in Harare.In mid-April 2016, Bona gave birth to a baby boy in Singapore and named him Simbanashe Gabriel Chikore.


Bona attended private Catholic day schools which are Dominican Convent Primary School and Dominican Convent High School for her education. After she finishing High School, she proceeded to the City University of Hong Kong, China where she graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) degree in 2011.[1] She continued her postgraduate studies in banking and finance in Singapore and graduated with a Master of Science degree in Banking from the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).[2]

Marriage and Wedding

She was on August 4, 2013, customarily married to Simba Chikore in a traditional marriage held at her rural home Zvimba. Her husband allegedly paid more than the US $35, 000 in bride price.[3] Her wedding which took part on the 1st of March 2014, was attended by many foreign dignitaries among them South African President Jacob Zuma, Zambia’s Michael Sata and his wife Joyce and Equatorial Guinea Head of State Teodoro Obiang.[4] Kofi Olomide was the guest artist who performed at the ceremony held in Borrowdale. Mugabe gave the pair US$150,000 plus 150 head of cattle. It was estimated that Bona received close to US$3 million in gifts.[5]

It was widely reported that Bona was pressured to marry by her mother Grace who wanted to grant her husband Robert Mugabe’s wish to see her daughter marry before his death.It is also revealed that Bona and Simba were under pressure to have a child quickly so that the Mugabe would see their grandson.[6]

Appointment to Censorship Board

On the 23rd of May 2017, Bona was appointed as the youngest member of a newly appointed Board of Censors in Zimbabwe.[7]

Gushungo Dairy

Apart from serving as a member of the Board of Censors, Bona works for her family's business holdings, Gushungo Dairy.


Bona Mugabe speaks at her father's funeral in September 2019:



In December 2017, it was reported that a construction site in Umwinsdale believed to belong to Bona Mugabe was reportedly robbed of building materials worth $4 800. Robson Kandenga(45), Peter Mangwiro(40) and Brighton Chisiko(30) pleaded guilty to the armed robbery charges.

It was reported that the three pretended to ask directions to the guard who was manning the site before attacking him with iron bars and disarming him of his AK47 service rifle. Mugabe Lost Building Material To Robbers

Financial Challenges

The late former President Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona and Simba Chikore her husband are reportedly struggling to complete the mansion they were building in Harare’s Umwinsidale Suburb. A well placed source from the Mugabe family reportedly told the News Hawks publication that the mansion that sits on 22 hectares of land is expected to gobble US$20 million for it to be completed. The late President Mugabe was reportedly financing the project for Bona and Simba Chikore before his infamous ouster by his trusted lieutenants in the November 2017 Military Coup.[8]

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