Bornsevia Trust
Non Profit
IndustryNon Governmental Organisation
FoundedMadzibaba Bond

BORNSEVIA TRUST (BT) is a registered non-profit community based organisation trust REG: MA 0001124|2020 under Bornsevia Masowe Echishanu Jerusarema sect. (BT) is consciously tailored to create projects that sustain the development of its church members ,the apostolic constituency and the community at large ,through advocating for human decency ,dignity and investing in infrastructure that supports the realisation of global human minimum standards. BORNSEVIA TRUST's work is in line with national ,regional and international policies and legal frameworks.

Thematic areas

  1. Human Rights
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Poverty alleviation


A capacitated and empowered Apostolic community able to cope with modern global trends ,standards and values.


Bornsevia Trust works with apostolic communuties by creating infrastructure that helps them respond to problems that inhibit their development and to help them build transcendent solutions to mitigate ,poverty and vulnerability .


Our values underpin everything we do ,they are the thread that holds together our purusit of life ,liberty and happiness for our members ,the apostolic constiuency and the community at large.


We believe in the essential dignity and respect for all human beings ,and in serving ,supporting and advocating on behalf of down trodden ,poor and marginalised people.


We belive in giving humanity a fighting chance and taking a stand against everything and anything that threatens the very being and process of becoming of the human family.


Our work and relationships are hinged on honesty and openness Inclusion We believe in the erection of sustainable intervention models that sync the benefactor and beneficiary,s agendas Partnerships For us humanitarian work is a mission and not a competitive ideal ,hence we believe that partnerships with like minded organisations optimize our work for the benefit of all and sundry in the community.


  • To create infrastructure that supports the realisation of global minimum human standards in the apostolic community.
  • To design, implement monitor and evaluate projects which are consciously tailored to promote church, community and national development.
  • To achieve poverty alleviation and sustainable development of marginalized communities (Apostolic communities) through gender – sensitive and people centered work.
  • To empower members of the Bornsevia church and the apostolic community to achieve their full economic potential by inspiring both women and men to become advocates, change makers and leaders in their community.
  • To equip members of the Bornsevia church and the apostolic community with resources, opportunities and a global platform that facilitates networking, learning and sharing of experiences.

  • To empower women and children in the Bornsevia church and the apostolic community so that they protect their rights and create a future filled with hope.
  • To strengthen the capacity of the Bornsevia church and the apostolic community and their networks to respond to gender based Violence as it relates to SRHR accesses and services HIV, family disintegration and inhibits community development;
  • To strengthen the evidence base needed to design and implement community informed policies and programs for reducing child marriages in the Bornsevia church and the apostolic community


Building infrastructure Lobby and Advocacy Communication and Social Mobilization Capacity Building


BORNSEVIA TRUST (BT) has a management structure where the trustees are at the apex of the organisation.