Boyson Mazwimabi Tope Mguni was an early nationalist who was elected to the House of Assembly in 1980.

Personal Details

Born: 28 December 1927, Plumtree.
Marriage: to Mainah, with seven children.

School / Education

Primary: Zamanyoni Primary School.
Secondary: Mzingwane Secondary School (Govt).
London University, UNISA, Public Administration and Political Science.

Service / Career

1958, ANC branch Vice Chairman.
1960, NDP branch Treasurer.
1961, ZAPU branch Treasurer.
1963, PCC branchChiarman.
1971, ANC, member National Executive, Executive Secretary Public Works.
1959, Khami Prison.
1962, Restricted Bulwayo.
1964-5, Wha Wha.
1965-70, Gonakudzingwa.
1977-78, Marondera.
1978-80, Wha Wha.

1980, elected to House of Assembly for PF ZAPU, Matabeleland South Province.


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