Bramwell Katsvairo

Bramwell Katsvairo is the Airforce of Zimbabwe Director of Intelligence. Katsvairo was accused of being part of the 2008 violence in the Mutoko area.

2008 Election Violence

In two reports by The Guardian and Los Angeles Times, Ordo Nyakudanga and Bramwell Katsvairo oversaw a forced meeting in Mutoko in April 2008 at which MDC supporters were allegedly identified and severely beaten. Witnesses said that at the end of the meeting Nyakudanga and Katsvairo sent soldiers to hunt down people who had refused to attend.[1][2]

Katsande is also named in a dossier on 2008 election violence. According to the dossier, Katsande provided a vehicle that was used on 1 June 2008 by the late Aquilinah Katsande's son George Katsande and Tawanda Mazunze to abduct Fianda Katiyo and transport him to Nyahondo torture base. Katiyo was subjected to terrible torture throughout the night and only released the following morning. The torture was so serious Katiyo died a week after his release.

Again on 1 June 2008 Bramwell Katsvairo, in the company of George Katsande and three unknown people, hunted down Tafadzwa Meza after accusing him of transporting MDC-T supporters to rallies using his pickup truck.

After several days they caught up with him at Nyamuyaruka Business centre near Kotwa. Meza tried to flee but Katsvairo shot him in the leg. Meza jumped off his truck to hide under some bushes close by as it was getting dark, probably hoping that the killers would not find him. Katsande and the unidentified three people, set Meza’s truck on fire and the resultant light from the flames betrayed his hiding spot.

The gang dragged Meza to their vehicle then took him to the Broken Bridge in the Nyamanyora area. His body was recovered there the following morning. Witnesses reported that George Katsande, using his mother’s gun, had shot Meza at close range, killing him instantly.[3]

In June 2008, Katsvairo is alleged to have murdered Tendai Mafuta, but he was never arrested for the crime.[4]


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