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Brian A. Nichols
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Assumed office
July 2018

Brian Nichols is a politician and the current Ambassador of the United States of America to Zimbabwe. He was appointed in June 2018 by President Donald Trump and presented his credentials in Harare on 19 July 2018. He succeeded Harry Thomas.

Before coming to Zimbabwe, Nichols was the US Ambassador to Peru from 2014 to 2017.

Position on Sanctions

After his appointment Nichols commented that Zimbabwe had to fulfill the requirements of its 2013 Constitution for the U.S. Congress and administration of President Donald Trump, to revisit the scrapping of the ZIDERA sanctions.[1]

The U.S. policy toward Zimbabwe has a number of elements, but one of those elements is legal and that’s ZIDERA. To put is as simply as I can, if Zimbabwe fulfils the requirements of its 2013 Constitution, it will meet the requirements of ZIDERA.

ZIDERA covers lending by international organizations to Zimbabwe and forgiveness of the debt that Zimbabwe has to those organizations, and countries in the Paris Club.

The sanctions that exist are executive branch sanctions on 154 individuals and entities and it prevents people from the United States or through the United States economic system from providing economic benefits to those people, or it can prevent them from travelling to the United States.

So there are two different areas, but Zimbabwe’s progress in building a democracy that respects the tenets of the 2013 Constitution, is the key thing that it needs to do.[1] /


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