Bruce Chiyangwa
Bruce Chiyangwa Biography
Born (1981-08-23) August 23, 1981 (age 40)
Known forBeing Phillip Chiyangwa's son
  • Phillip Chiyangwa (father)

Bruce Chiyangwa is a Zimbabwean businessman and the son of flamboyant businessman Phillip Chiyangwa.



The name of Bruce Chiyangwa's wife is unknown. However, pictures of his alleged wife circulated online.

Bruce Chiyangwa and wife


Bruce Chiyangwa has a house in Borrowdale. In 2017, Bruce had a chef, two maids and a security guard at the premises. [1]

Extortion Case

Bruce Chiyangwa lost US$10 000 to a bogus Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission official. Bruce paid the money to Onisimo Maruke after he was caught in illegal gold dealings.

On April 29 2019, Bruce was at the Meikles Hotel meeting with his friends when Maruke approached him. Maruke introduced himself as an officer of the specialised unit known as National Anti-Corruption of Zimbabwe and invited Bruce Chiyangwa outside the lounge.

Chiyangwa agreed after Maruke produced his identity card written National Anti-Corruption of Zimbabwe. Maruke then reportedly informed Chiyangwa that he was under arrest for illegally dealing in gold.

Maruke escorted Chiyangwa outside the hotel complex, where he was joined by an accomplice who escaped arrest.

While outside, Maruke searched Chiyangwa and recovered 420 grammes of gold from the pocket and informed him that he was taking him to their offices. The duo then demanded US$10 000 to release him, but Chiyangwa offered them US$1000.

The duo refused, saying it was too little resulting in Chiyangwa taking them to Sports Diner, where he was given US$4 000 by one Luther Jones, which he handed over to Maruke.

After Maruke and his accomplice had left, Chiyangwa made inquiries about the existence of the National Anti-Corruption of Zimbabwe and realised that the two were bogus officers and he made a police report.

Investigations were carried out by the police and Maruke was lured to come to collect the US$6 000 balance from Chiyangwa, leading to his arrest. He was searched and a fake identity card written National Anti-Corruption of Zimbabwe was recovered from his wallet.

Maruke was allegedly interviewed and he implicated his accomplice as George Chingara, who was not arrested.[2]

Alleged Arrest

In 2015 there were rumours Bruce Chiyangwa was arrested in Cape Town recently over allegations he bought a stolen Audi Q7 luxury vehicle.

A source in South Africa claimed Bruce was arrested for allegedly buying stolen cars and that his multi-millionaire father had dispatched a team of over seven lawyers to go and deal with the case.

Phillip Chiyangwa however laughed off the claims telling Nehanda Radio:

“Bruce has not travelled for nearly six months and is here in Harare. He is working here at Pinnacle (Property Holdings). He is the CEO, the boss and people are going around saying he has been arrested. He does not need to buy second-hand cars. Bruce is like me, if he gets into any trouble I will move heaven and earth but fortunately he isn’t."

Bruce Chiyangwa, said he was surprised about the reports since he has never been arrested both in Zimbabwe and in South Africa.[3]


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