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Callisto Nyamhute, the "Special meat", hit maker

Calisto Nyamhute is a Zimbabwean vocalist and lead guitarist, who took the music charts by storm in 1998, when he released his first album 'Ndakamupfimba Ndega' which was received fairly well. Known for his flashy clothes, Nyamhute however rose to national stardom with his hit 'Special Meat' which made him a household name.


'The bullet' as he was also known by his fans is married and has 5 children.

Music career

He ventured in the music industry in the late 1990s that saw him release two albums, 'Ndakamupfimba Ndega' and 'Before Lunch Time' in 1998. He went on to release his third offering 'Sweetman' which carried a six tracks but the album did not do well. A year later, Nyamhute dropped his fourth album 'Special Meet' which changed his waning fortunes and propelled him to stardom.[1] At his peak, Nyamute could fill up stadiums as fans would jostle to see him perform. It was his fancy outfits and humorous lyrics made him a favourite of many.At that that he used to perm his hair. Nyamhute hoped to remain in the lime light by releasing a string of albums which were unfortunately poor that they never received airplay. Te albums include the 2009 album, 'Chimoko Chinoyera', did not do well prompting him to take a three-year sabbatical. The break was also reportedly triggered by a poorly attended show he in Rusape were it was alleged only two people attended.[2] when he releaed 'Inside Vocals' in 2003, the album was so half baked that he said he should not had released it. He blamed the engineer for failing to master the album well. This however did not help as the 'Pop star' watched his once glamorous career insouciantly crushing to the floor and hitting an all time low.[3] This killed his career and he has never regained from this horror. He attempted to make a come back in 2013 with the album 'Oil Oil' but it failed to make an impact.


He had his own unique style which was different from any othr Zimbawean artist. he labeled his music 'Soba' music, with songs consisting of half sung and half spoken verses. Most of his songs such as 'Dhonzai Magetsi' and 'Before Lunchtime were humorous and were often considered controversial.[4]


Namhute operates a family business that specialises in manufacturing electric gates, window frames, gas filling, tyre treading and flea markets in his home town Chitungwiza.


He currently has ten albums to his name:

  1. Ndakamupfimba Ndega (1998)
  2. Before Lunch Time (1998)
  3. Sweetman (1999)
  4. Special Meat (2000)
  5. Petrol Perfume (2001)
  6. Beautiful for me (2002)
  7. Inside vocals (2003)
  8. Womans legs (2006)
  9. Chimoko chinoyera (2008)
  10. Oil Oil (2013)


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