Calvin and Muzi
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Calvin and Muzi posing for a photo
BornCalvin Gudu and Muzi Mangena
  • Musicians
Years active1998–present

Calvin and Muzi was one of Zimbabwe's best groups. The group rose to prominence in 1998 with the hit 'Tombofara'. Though written in vernacular, the song was sung in American accent. The song broke new ground as it became the first from song from a Zimbabwean to top the Radio 3(now Power FM's top 100. The duo instntly became the most sought after artists at that time.

Claim to Fame

The duo's career is something of an enigma. Calvin Gudu was part of the group Mantonto famed for the songs 'Ncam' Ncam' and Angeke Ngukohlwe. In 1998 Gudu teamed with Muzi Mangena’ and released the song 'Tombofara'.[1] The song became and instant hit within a few weeks after its release. It was this song that made the duo a household name. The song topped the charts and became almost everyone's song. No doubt the song becama song of the year at Power FM. According to Gudu, the duo never planned to write it or record it but it happened naturally. It so happebned that in 1998 Muzi called Gudu by the latter's the next day. That is when Gudu thought of doing a song. Since the time was so short to write a full song just thought of writing a fantasy story about a perfect situation with a perfect bride. By the time Muzi arrived Gudu already had written the chorus and together they started writing the verses.[2] The duo's fame was short lived as never released anything after the song.



Solo career

In 2012 Calving went back into the studio after a long sabbatical. He went on to released a gospel single called 'Great'. Produced at his Praise Worth Records in the United Kingdom, the song enjoyed extensive play on worldwide web-based radio stations and it also gaining popularity among the Christian community.[3] The song is taken from his upcoming album 'Above All'. The album had a feel of Los Angeles Grammy Award winning mixing engineer, Matthew Marrin who helped on producing it. Meanwhile Muzi had taken a break from music after a contract stint with the Copenhagen-based DanZim Company.

The Come Back

In 2014, the duo regrouped and went back into the studio and recorded 'Tombofara' remix. The latter is part of their comeback project was to be launched on the 10th May 2014 at the Zimbabwe Achievers’ Awards (ZAA) in London, UK. The talented artists recorde four versions of the remix recorded with various local. One remix called Mombe Ye Wumai remix is set to make a huge comeback for the duo. The twosome is expected to release a five-track EP at the end of May including the remixes.[4] In january 2015 it was also reported that the group was putting things in lace which would see the release of a video for their hit track "Tombofara". Calvin was quoted saying

I think that it is impossible for a pregnant woman to deliver a second baby before the one she is carrying has been delivered. We believe that Tombofara is not yet complete until the fans have taken part in the second phase that is the video. In its true completion we will see Tombofara having been cherished by my father and mother, my generation and my son. Hence the story is being finished this year in 2015. To our fans we say tell us what you want on the video.[5]


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