Caston Matewu
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OccupationMember of Parliament
OrganizationCitizens' Coalition for Change
Known forOpposition Politician

Caston Matewu is a Zimbabwean politician and Member of Parliament for Marondera Central Constituency. In 2022, he became a member of Citizens' Coalition for Change (CCC).

Personal Details

Matewu was based in the United Kingdom. [1]

School / Education

Tertiary Education: 2007, Bachelor of Science (BSc) Environmental Science; University of East London.
2010, Master of Science (MSc) Risk Management; University of London (2010) [2]


Caston contested the Marondera Central National Assembly seat on an MDC Alliance ticket in the 2018 harmonised elections and won with 14 604 votes.

In October 2020, Matewu was recalled from Parliament by MDC-T for allegedly supporting a party that is different from the one that sponsored him. In a statement [3] that he released soon after he was recalled, Matewu wrote:

I was elected under the able leadership of President Nelson Chamisa who I wholeheartedly believe will deliver this country to the land of milk and honey that we beseech. I remain and stand by President Nelson Chamisa.

Marondera Central; our very voice that you proclaimed in 2018 has been beaten BUT it will never be silenced. In the two years, I have had a lot happen to me including the merciless shooting at my house. I have never shaken and I will continue to be that voice. They may remove me from the Parliament building but they can never remove me from the hearts and people of Marondera.

Cdes and friends, we live to fight another day.

In the Zimbabwe By-elections (March 2022), Caston Matewu contested the same seat again, this time on a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) ticket and won with 6 756 votes. [4]

In the 2022 By-Elections, (see Zimbabwe By-elections (March_2022)) Marondera Central returned to Parliament:


Allegations against Mwonzora

In February 2022, Matewu claimed that the MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora offered him a top post to betray Nelson Chamisa. [5]. He said:

I was offered many positions in the MDC-T, but I said no I will not betray my president, Nelson Chamisa.

The car was taken away from me. I lost all the Parliament benefits and salaries but at the end of the day it’s not about me but the people of Marondera who need representation.

You have got (Emmerson) Mnangagwa and Mwonzora in bed together, they are working hand in glove.


In May 2022, Matewu was involved in a road accident when he lost control of the vehicle, a Toyota Fortuner, which veered off the road before hitting a tree.

Initial reports suggested that he was on COVID-19 business but it later emerged he was coming from a party with six passengers aboard the vehicle.

Matewu claimed that he was involved in the accident after he tried to avoid colliding with a speeding “unmarked vehicle” that was moving toward him. [6].

Matewu was criticised by some MDC Alliance party members after he joined First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa to hand over a food donation to needy communities in Mahusekwa in April 2020. [7].

In December 2019, Matewu was ejected from the National Assembly by Deputy Speaker, Tsitsi Gezi, for referring to his party leader Nelson Chamisa as “His Excellency”.

He was asked to withdraw his remarks but he declined to withdraw arguing that his remarks were not wrong. [8].

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