Chantelle Muteswa

Chantelle Muteswa is a Zimbabwean woman best known for being businessman Frank Buyanga's ex-girlfriend. The former couple lived together in Sandton, South Africa before they separated. They share a 4 year old son whom they are fighting each other to get custody.


Chantelle is former businessman Frank Buyanga's ex-girlfriend and the former couple has a 4 year old son. Chantelle Muteswa is reportedly said to be dating Collins Mnangagwa son to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.[1]

Legal Battle

Chantelle Muteswa has got a 4 year old son with Frank Buyanga. Muteswa and Buyanga are currently involved in a bitter custody fight over the child. Frank Buyanga had to get a court order to have his name appear on the child's birth certificate. Buyanga also later won a constitutional court challenge that gave fathers of children born out of wedlock equal rights to the child as those born during a marriage. Frank Buyanga accuses Collins Mnangagwa of judicial interference in his custody battle with Muteswa.

She allegedly accused her former lover of taking their son to South Africa in violation of a court order. Muteswa allegedly also took her case to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission where she accused Buyanga of bribing judges to rule in his favour in the custody battle.

The woman then allegedly approached the first lady over the case. Buyanga’s lawyer, Admire Rubaya yesterday confirmed a report was made at Avondale Police Station by Muteswa. Rubaya said he was also aware that the first lady’s name had been drawn into the case.


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