Charles Kuwaza
Charles Kuwaza
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BornCharles Tawonerera Kuwaza
  • Chairman of State Procurement Board.
EmployerGovernment of Zimbabwe

Charles Kuwaza was the chairman of the State Procurement Board (SPB) and former deputy board chairman of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. He died on 18 April 2017.

Educational Background

He attended Bernard Mizeki College for his secondary and high school where he is said to have attained a distinction in A level mathematics.[1]


He started off as the permanent secretary for Finance and Economic Development as well as the Ministry of Defence between 1994 and 2000. The following year he was appointed the chairman of the State Procurement Board where he has been chairman ever since. He also served as the deputy chairman of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Board. In 2010 he was appointed chairman of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority but turned down the appointment arguing that he could not sit on two boards as stipulated by law.[1]

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Contempt Allegations

Kuwaza was summoned to appear before parliament to respond to allegations of graft under his watch. He was charged with contempt of parliament after he failed to answer several questions that he was asked by members of the house.[2] Kuwaza was said to have exhibited stubbornness throughout the hearing when he failed to respond to lawful questions thrown at him as prescribed under the Schedule to the Privileges, Immunities and Powers of Parliament Act.[2] Charles was expected to answer questions relating to the tendering system which had been used in various projects in the electricity sector under ZESA Holdings. The Parliamentary Portfolio on Mines and Energy chaired by Lovemore Matuke wrote to the Clerk of Parliament stating their intention to charge Kuwaza.[3] Although Kuwaza could be fined by parliament, he cannot be sent to jail by parliament as the new constitution had trimmed the powers of parliament.

Bad Blood With Gideon Gono

It was reported that Kuwaza and Gideon Gono did not see eye to eye at one point. The rift between the two is said to have started when Kuwaza was deputising Gono at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.[4] Gono was alleged to have set up the arrest of Kuwaza by accusing him of having engaged in corrupt activities at the State Procurement Board.


Allowance Scandal

Charles was embroiled in an allowance scandal in which it was alleged that he took home about US147 000 for house repairs alone in a single year.[5] His total benefits were estimated to have been around US 210 00 excluding salary.

Tax Evasion

There were also rumours to the effect that Kuwaza had some problems with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority after he was alleged to have evaded taxation. This was part of a crackdown by ZIMRA following revelations that several top company executives were awarding themselves untaxed allowances.[5] ZIMRA went on to write to the State Procurement Board notifying them that they were required to pay US 790 000 on behalf of its chairman.[3]

ZIMRA Board Debacle

Kuwaza was accused of having influenced Finance Minister Tendai Biti into amending the law which would then allow Kuwaza to sit on more than two state boards including the ZIMRA board.[6] Charles Kuwaza nonetheless refuted the allegations pointing out that his appointments were above board as they were made directly from the president's office.


Kuwaza died on 18 April 2017 of a suspected suicide. It was alleged he jumped from the 9th floor of Club Chambers building in Harare.[7]


Charles Kuwaza was a prominent chess player and not only represented Zimbabwe internationally and he also won several awards.[1] See Chess In Zimbabwe.


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