Charles Masunungure is a pastor with the Family of God Church. Masunungure is a motivational speaker psychotherapist and businessperson. He owns Tyneside Holdings — a holding company with divisions in ICT and construction in Bindura — and also works for Precious Child Orphanage.

The orphanage, based in Bindura, is involved in the adoption and fostering of abandoned and orphaned babies as well as counseling services for orphans, single parents, and childless couples.


Masungure also holds a certificate in Systematic Counselling from the Zimbabwe Institute of Systematic Therapy (1997-1998) He is a holder of a Master’s degree in Peace Leadership and Conflict Resolution from the Zimbabwe Open University (2014-2015), and a degree in Counselling (2001-2005)

Positions Held

Masungure has been a pastor with the Family of God Church since 2000. He is a deputy chaplain-general with the Shepherd of God’s People.

He worked for the Zimbabwe Republic Police from January 2003 to February 2004 at the Police General Headquarters and his main responsibility was policy design and training for chaplains.[1]

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