Charlton Ngcebetsha
BornCharlton Cezani Ngcebetsha
(1909-02-28)February 28, 1909
  • Freedom Fighter

Charlton Ngcebetsha was a Zimbabwean nationalist that fought for the freedom of Zimbabwe.


Ngcebetsha was born of Fingo parents at Butterworth, Transkei, on 28 February 1909. Both his parents were school teachers and members of the Methodist Church.


He was educated at Lovedale, near Alice, Cape Province of South Africa, obtaining first his Primary Teacher’s Certificate and later his Matriculation Exemption Certificate (by correspondence). While at Lovedale he became a member of the Presbyterian Church.


The Church Mission at Ntabasinduna selected him from among the trainees to move north to Rhodesia to take up a teaching post at its mission school there (since renamed David Livingstone Memorial Mission). He taught for nine years becoming a headmaster before leaving to take up employment with the Department of Native Affairs.He was a journalist for many years, being responsible for the publication of The African Home News from 1953 to 1965. He also had a long career in football organisation, being involved in the formation of the SRAFA —— the forerunner of the RNFL. He started (in 1932) the present Matabele Highlanders, now a top football club in Bulawayo.


Charlton Ngcebetsha would be a part of ZAPU, African Welfare Society during his lifetime. He entered politics in the 1940s, becoming a member of the old African National Congress (under the Rev. T.D. Samkange and Enoch Dumbutshena. Subsequently, his political involvement dwindled as he concentrated on building up his business, but when ZAPU was formed he joined and became a National Councillor. After the 1963 ‘split’, he followed Joshua Nkomo into the PCC.

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Positions Held

1962: National Counsellor-ZAPU, Chairman: African Welfare Society


    1. Name## was also a journalist and is one of the earliest African intellectuals to fight the colonial regime.