Charmaine Mujeri is a Zimbabwean stage and television actress. Mujeri was part of the cast in Escape, Zimbabwe's first ever local screenplay to show raunchy sex scenes.

She featured in the movie Cook Off as Charmaine.


In 2019, Charmaine Mujeri starred as Peggy (Ruvajena’s mother) in the play Ruvajena. The play illustrates the struggles that people living with albinism still experience in Zimbabwean society. Ruvajena presents Taka Chideu, played by David Bvumbe, who is forbidden by his parents to marry the love of his life, Ruvajena Dzvairo (Jennifer Madiriza) because she lives with albinism.[1]

In 2016, Mujeri appeared in Escape which was dubbed the first-ever local screenplay to show raunchy sex scenes. [2]

Mujeri featured in For Colored Girls (Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf).[3] She was part of the cast in the feature film Cook Off.[4] She played the role of the leader role Anesu’s best friend, also named Charmaine.[5]

Some of Charmaine’s previous projects include a daring depiction of MacDuff in the Shakespearean play Macbeth, Danai Gurira's The Convert, Finding Temeraire, Nyami-Nyami Eggs of Evil, Escape, Ruvajena, Lovers in Time, and Soul Sisters Come to Africa.[6]


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